Now that the economy is relatively depressed, how can small and medium-sized enterprises face difficulties to seize market opportunities?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17

   The current situation of the development of UPS power supply in the country. Overseas power supply started in the 70s of the last century and domestically started in the late 80s, with a difference of more than ten years.

The overall scope and sales volume of UPS power supply companies are respectively: There are 5 companies with a larger sales volume of UPS power supply companies that exceed 200 million yuan, and 5 companies with 100 million to 200 million yuan. There are 15-20 companies with 10,000 to 80 million yuan, about 274 companies with 25-50 million yuan, more than 1,380 companies with 5-25 million yuan, and more than 300 others. Total capacity of domestic UPS power supply stores: According to relevant statistics, the total sales volume of UPS power supply stores for information equipment in China reached 2.61 billion yuan in 2006, and the total sales volume reached 2.74 billion yuan in 2007. The annual market demand for high-power UPS in the industrial energy UPS power system equipment has reached nearly 3 billion yuan.

The total capacity of the annual market demand for UPS power supply in Erguo should be between 5 billion and 6 billion yuan, and the market needs to be ambitious. High-power UPS power supply market capacity in the sea: medium and high-power UPS is a high-end product in the uninterruptible power supply industry. According to statistics, the sales volume of China's medium and high-power UPS power supply market in 2006 was 2.21 billion yuan, a total decrease of 7.3%. Bo Jia believes that if the demand for high-power UPS power supplies for industrial energy equipment is added, market sales should increase by a considerable rate. Industrial energy equipment with uninterrupted power supply. The shopping malls need to show a steady reduction in the purchase range of telecommunications, finance and other industries compared with the past. Participants made by academic institutions show that the hardware investment ratio of these two industries will gradually shrink. In addition, the UPS power supply retention rate of these two industries is relatively high, so its UPS power demand is unlikely to show a large reduction, and it is estimated that the market share in the future will gradually decline. The difference is that some industries that usually do not account for much of the market share, such as the creation industry, the connection industry, and the energy industry, have shown a rapid decline in their demand for UPS power supplies. Especially in the creative industry, small and medium-sized enterprises are prospering. It has become a new source of energy that has been reduced by Dai Dong UPS power supply market. The sales volume of industrial energy UPS power system equipment market followed the rapid development of industrial automation complete equipment and equipment innovation. The industrial energy high-power UPS power system equipment market began to expand after 2000, and the display accelerated in 2003, with a steady reduction rate of 16%. From January to September 2006, it reached 18%. With the advent of Shen's industrialization period, the process of China's industrialization and urbanization has accelerated, and the global property chain has accelerated to change to China. Based on relevant statistical data and understanding its data characteristics, we guess that the sales volume of the industrial energy UPS power supply system equipment market will reach 17.5% in the next five years, which has great potential. Advocacy launched in the local UPS power supply industry

1. Companies increase Ru0026D and skills to join in, usurp to reach the level of international progress. Uninterrupted power is the power source for collecting and information to build a stable operation Protection is an important equipment for informatization and national defense. Therefore, local brand uninterrupted power supply manufacturers must increase their skills and Ru0026D to increase their overall strength, create high-quality uninterrupted power products, and protect the country’s economic development. Successfully proceeded. Moreover, under the preconditions, we usurp domestic sales and win international market shares.

2. The national property center for power electronics and uninterrupted power supply relief. In 2006, China's Ru0026D and Ru0026D participation reached 294.3 billion yuan, accounting for 1.41% of the total domestic consumption. Even though this digital table shows the full power of China's authorities and enterprises in promoting self-determination and innovation, the rapid addition of it is difficult to protect the essence of China's self-determination and innovation capabilities. Based on the high ability of uninterrupted power supply and the importance of national industrial automation and national defense, the country should increase its relief efforts in the power electronics industry, uninterrupted power supply and other industries, and promote the steady development of the country’s power electronics industry. Unfold. Digital control has become the target of the development of UPS control capabilities. Now it is welcome to adopt the general soft opening and closing capabilities that are different from the stubborn resonant ZUS and ZCS soft opening and closing to reduce the switching cost and popularize the switching frequency. This kind of soft switching is a lossless snubber circuit, which not only softens the switching process, but also has the characteristics of a circuit, no additional resonance collection, and low cost. The output end is equipped with high-efficiency output filter and active power factor rectifier, and adopts series-parallel supplementary ability to reduce the output current distortion, reduce the infection of UPS power supply from the mains power supply, and make it change to green power. Unfold. In order to reduce the size of the UPS power supply, reduce the size of the output transformer, that is, the output filter, reduce the electromagnetic disturbance, and prevent the saturation of the high-frequency transformer, a series resonant inverter is used in Korea for the time being, and then it is composed of a separate transformer and a frequency converter. UPS with high frequency docking.

Digital control has become the confluence of the new UPS power control capabilities.

The use of digital processor DSP, as much as possible, makes the control circuit fully micro-processor. Because the digital control device has high precision and strong anti-disturbance ability, it is easy to implement UPS detection, hinder adjustment and separation, easy to implement remote control and telemetry, easy to implement multiple UPS parallel and hot swapping, and easy to implement battery monitoring. And control, that is to say, the intervention of the estimation machine may make the UPS implement intelligent control, and may make the power supply run in the optimal state.

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