Notes on battery life

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-13
Label: A note about the life of lead-acid batteries Even if the UPS power supply uses the same lead-acid battery technology, the battery life of different manufacturers is very different. This is very important to users because the cost of replacing batteries is high (about UPS sales) 30% of the price). Battery failure will reduce the reliability of the system, which is very annoying. Battery temperature affects battery reliability. Temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of lead-acid batteries. The detailed experimental data shows that the battery life decreases by 10% every time the temperature rises by 5 degrees Celsius, so the UPS design should keep the battery as temperature as possible. All online and backup/online hybrid UPSs generate more heat than backup or online interactive UPSs (so fans need to be installed in the former). This is also an important reason for the relatively long battery replacement cycle of backup or online interactive UPSs. the reason. Battery charger design affects battery reliability, a very important part of lead-acid battery charger UPS. The charging conditions of the battery have a great influence on the battery life. If the battery has been in constant voltage or 'floating' electrical charging state, the UPS battery life can be maximized. In fact, the life of a battery in a charged state is much longer than that in a pure storage state. Because battery charging can delay the natural aging process of the battery, the UPS should keep the battery charged regardless of whether it is running or stopped. Battery voltage affects battery reliability. Lead-acid batteries are composed of a single 'primary battery'. Each primary battery has a voltage of about 2 volts. The primary batteries are connected in series to form a battery with a higher voltage. A 12-volt battery consists of 6 primary batteries. Composition, the 24 volt battery is composed of 12 primary batteries and so on. When the UPS battery is charged, each primary battery connected in series is charged. The slightly different performance of the primary battery will cause some primary batteries to have a higher charging voltage than other primary batteries, and this part of the battery will age prematurely. As long as the performance of a certain primary battery connected in series decreases, the performance of the entire battery will also decrease. Tests prove that battery life is related to the number of primary batteries connected in series. The higher the voltage of the lead-acid battery, the faster it will age. When the UPS battery has a certain UPS capacity, the design should make the battery voltage as low as possible, so that the battery life of the UPS will be longer. For a certain battery voltage, you should choose a battery with a small number of primary batteries connected in series instead of a large number of low-voltage batteries. Cells connected in series. The battery voltage of some UPS manufacturers is relatively high. This is because when the capacity is constant, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current. Thinner wires and smaller power semiconductors can be used to reduce the cost of UPS power. The lead-acid battery voltage of UPS with a capacity of about 1KVA is generally 24~96V.
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