New materials are the key to the development of energy storage batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
In fact, the advancement of energy storage technology will profoundly change our lives. Mobile phones, computers, and electric vehicles that are necessary in daily life are inseparable from the application of energy storage batteries. This recyclable secondary battery has become the main working power source in today's portable era. To achieve large-scale applications of energy storage and reduce energy storage costs, the key is to solve technical problems such as the safety and cycle life of energy storage batteries. These technological breakthroughs are the prerequisite for the industrialization of energy storage.   Some experts suggest that while developing the basic research and development of energy storage, it is necessary to continuously explore and master international advanced technologies to maintain and enhance the technological competitiveness of domestic energy storage manufacturers. In addition, it can also support these companies to integrate internationally advanced energy storage technologies through investment, cooperation, acquisitions, etc., to enhance the maturity of domestic energy storage technologies. Promote the development of domestic energy storage technology by starting from various links such as raw materials, production processes, and management systems.  Imperfect standards are a bottleneck restricting the development of my country's energy storage industry. For the application of renewable energy to the grid, energy storage technology can play a role in peak and frequency modulation, dispatch forecasting, and smoothing. At present, my country's energy storage technology and related policy mechanisms are not perfect, there is a lack of quantitative and qualitative research on user-side economic benefits, and there is no unified industry standard, so it is difficult to make cost comparisons. Enterprises have no standards to follow, and users have no standards to refer to. They should access the formulation of standards as soon as possible to avoid the phenomenon that standards lag behind the market and strive for more voice in international standards.   Obviously, achieving technological breakthroughs in the processing and utilization of energy storage materials and reducing the cost of energy storage batteries are the keys to the industrialization of energy storage. In this regard, some experts put forward two suggestions: First, relevant research institutions and companies should pay attention to the research and development of key technologies for energy storage materials, strengthen basic research on energy storage technology, and master core technologies; second, the country should increase the knowledge of energy storage technology. The protection of property rights, the introduction of corresponding preferential policies, and more importantly, the formulation of clear mid- and long-term industrial development plans.   The process of integration of the rare earth industry will involve the game of interests between the macro-level central enterprises, local governments, and local governments, as well as the integration of resources between micro-enterprises. The entire process will be very complicated and requires concerted cooperation between the government and enterprises.
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