New energy battery recycling is hindered by many parties, positive metal may be profitable

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
In recent years, my country's new energy automobile industry has ushered in rapid growth and has become a huge market in the global new energy automobile industry. However, with the introduction of large quantities of new energy vehicles on the market, the subsequent flow and recycling of waste batteries have attracted widespread attention. Once the power battery 'scrap tide' comes, there must be a relatively complete plan to deal with it, otherwise the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new energy automobile industry is very likely to suffer a 'backlash.' The dismantling process of used batteries is complicated and has potential safety hazards. As there is no unified regulation on the size and structure of batteries in China, all domestic battery manufacturers have their own magical powers. Because the battery system designs are completely different, the same set of disassembly lines cannot be used, resulting in extremely inconvenient battery disassembly. If automatic disassembly is to be carried out, facing the current battery packs and modules of different sizes and shapes, there are very high requirements for the flexibility of the production line, which leads to high disposal costs. At present, the domestic dismantling is basically done manually, and the skill level of the workers directly affects the efficiency of the battery recycling process. At the same time, due to the high energy of the battery pack itself, various safety issues such as short circuit and liquid leakage may occur, which may cause fire or explosion, resulting in casualties and property losses. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the safety and efficiency of the battery pack disassembly process. The remaining battery life and battery status cannot be systematically assessed. When re-utilization of used car power batteries, they must undergo quality testing, including safety assessment, cycle life testing, etc., and then sort and classify the batteries before they can be reused after reorganization. . However, if the power battery does not have a complete data record during the service period, the accuracy may be reduced when the battery life is predicted during the reuse process, and the consistency of the battery cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, the test equipment, test cost, test time, analysis and modeling, etc. The cost will increase. Due to the same internal resistance, electrochemical and thermal characteristics of different batteries, the inconsistency and reliability of the batteries may not be guaranteed. If some problematic batteries are not tested during the screening process and are used again, it will increase Other safety risks of the entire battery system. Therefore, how to achieve fast, non-destructive and accurate detection is the key to step utilization in this case. The battery system integration technology is immature. Because the connections between the cells are usually laser welding or other rigid connection processes, it is difficult to dismantle without damage. The most reasonable way to use the power battery is to disassemble to the module level. However, for battery modules produced by different batches or even different manufacturers to be mixed in the same system, the following system integration technology-grouping technology should be considered and solved: according to the material system, capacity, internal resistance, remaining cycle life and other parameters, Regroup the battery modules and establish a database. The grouping parameter setting should be reasonable. If the parameter setting interval is too large, the discreteness of the module will be large, and the grouping into the system will have a great impact on the performance and life of the system; if the parameter setting interval is too small, the grouping is too strict, which will lead to failure. There are few matching modules and system integration is difficult. System flexible design: When designing the system structure, it is necessary to fully consider the possible size, weight, and number of series and parallel connections of different modules. Therefore, the design should have great flexibility in space to be compatible with different modules. The fixing method is required. Consider the tightness and reliability, but also consider the flexibility and ease of quick assembly and disassembly. The poor economy of battery recycling and reuse is the so-called one. The same is true for the development of an industry. As we all know, China's new energy vehicles are developing extremely fast, and some people even use the term 'Great Leap Forward' to describe them. Fortunately, more and more people and companies see the shortcomings in the development of new energy vehicles and see the hidden worries. Among them, the recycling of power batteries is the flaw that the entire industry must face. Car power batteries must be pre-processed before recycling, including discharging, dismantling, crushing, and sorting. The disassembled plastic and metal shells can be recycled, but it is costly because the residual voltage is still as high as hundreds of volts, which is dangerous; the battery shell is packaged in a non-self-removable form for safety reasons, and it takes a lot of time to open. As far as the pre-processing link is concerned, it is definitely a loss-making business. Even for lithium batteries, there are a wide variety of cathode materials. The mainstream ones include lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, and lithium iron phosphate. Leach with acid-base solution, and then go through a variety of chemical procedures to extract metal oxides. However, the extraction conditions of the components of these oxides are different, and the mixed solution is more difficult. The cost of sorting the batteries according to the positive electrode material in advance is not low. Recycling positive metal is already one of the most profitable links in the battery recycling industry.
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