New colloids seize market opportunities

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-19
After the new type of gel storage battery is packaged, it is like a solid, no liquid or gas is discharged, which solves the problem of pollution.   When the domestic lead-acid battery industry is facing the dilemma of market shrinking and inventory surge, the new colloidal lead-acid battery not only seizes the domestic solar and wind energy storage battery market, but also successfully enters the international market. In addition, the performance of the battery is better: the charging efficiency is increased by 30%, the water consumption is only 1/10 of the original, the energy is more than 20%, the life span is also doubled, and it has high temperature and low temperature resistance. Colloid lead-acid batteries have been continuously improved and perfected in recent years. At present, the manufacturing technology of all-colloid lead-acid batteries has reached or approached similar foreign products, and individual performance indicators have reached the world’s leading level, especially in electric vehicle power batteries and solar wind energy storage. The energy battery field has been widely used and praised by users.   Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries have the advantages of stable performance, wide application range and long service life.
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