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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-27
Autumn has come, the winter is not far away. Winter for vehicles is easily out of order, so in advance of winter car maintenance is very important. For car, how to get through the winter is also quite learned: if you want to below zero degrees Celsius in the environment, should replace the antifreeze glass of water in winter, or more simply, the water in the glass to join the right proportion of alcohol can achieve the purpose of reduce the freezing point, antifreeze; Battery is the most afraid of low temperature, low temperature environment battery electric capacity of electric capacity is much lower than when at room temperature. So should complement battery electrolyte, adjust the proportion of the electrolyte. Clean the battery terminal at the same time, and coated with special grease to protect it, sure the reliable, extend the life of the battery. If the vehicle in the open air or cold storage weeks need not, should remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent freeze damage to the battery; Winter tire and rubber to harden and relatively fragile, will reduce the friction coefficient, tire pressure is too high, but also cannot too low, the outside temperature is low, tire pressure is too low, soft tyres can be accelerated aging seriously. Inclusions within winter often should clean up the tire, avoid using more than once to mend tires, replace the wear different pattern and different brands of tires. Need to check the antifreeze and engine oil, the oil must be replaced, if you are using the summer for use for a long time, the color black and poor adhesion of oil should be replaced, in order to ensure the engine is running smoothly; Warm wind system after stop using for a long time the failure possibility is very large, so be sure to check the fan operation have the same ring, duct is obstructed. In winter, also want to let it run properly.
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