Long life lead officially put into operation - carbon battery energy storage application demonstration system Lead-acid battery - Energy storage lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-01
The wide application of renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy is always beset by power generation discontinuity, unstable and difficult to control and other technical bottleneck, how to match the corresponding energy storage system to ensure the stability of power output. Recently, energy storage technology research by cas dalian compound Li Xianfeng researcher, zhang hm, researchers led by the scientific research team and baoding windsurfing group co. , ltd. joint research and development of lead carbon battery energy storage system in dalian institute of chemical physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in demonstration. Lead carbon battery technology is based on the super capacitor with lead-acid battery technology developed a new type of electrochemical energy storage technology, with high safety, low cost, large discharge power, etc, and can achieve 100% battery recovery, the whole life cycle environmental impact is low, the development potential is tremendous. And long life lead carbon storage battery and solar power generation system combination, can effectively solve the difficulties in storing solar power. It is reported that the application of lead carbon battery energy storage application demonstration system mainly by cas dalian compound energy 1 floor and energy around the 2nd floor of street lights and the landscape lamp with high quality and stable illume, and its success will lay a foundation for the system engineering and industrialization. By using thermal power, coal and other traditional power generation in China, with resource depletion and environmental deterioration, as well as solar, wind and other renewable clean energy power generation technology mature, renewable clean energy is also upgraded by auxiliary energy gradually become the dominant energy, but the renewable energy power generation is discontinuous, unstable and difficult to control such as faults, it is difficult to guarantee the stability of power output. In December 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences dalian compound and the Chinese heavy sail co. , LTD. , the common construction & other; Advanced cell technology joint research and development center & throughout; , collaboration lead carbon battery industrialization of advanced technology research and development, has now been solved the carbon battery lead sulfate, the key technical problems in photovoltaic energy storage system will lead carbon batteries with the cycle life of the ascent to 4 times more than conventional lead-acid batteries, completed the 12 v / 38 ah products on the production line of trial batch and lead in advanced energy storage battery carbon formed with independent intellectual property rights of new materials and production technology. On this basis, the Chinese Academy of Sciences dalian compound by a number of new technology research and development of energy storage technology research and development, successfully developed carbon long life battery, lead to clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy into a usable, can output stable energy provides protection.
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