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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-01
In May 2018, the national standard committee issued 'electric bicycle safety technical specifications compulsory national standards' ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; New gb & throughout; ) , from May 15, 2018 to April 14, 2019, as the transition period, the new national standard on April 15, 2019 formally implemented, specification formally implemented, is not in conformity with the technical specifications of the products, not production, sale, import, after being issued, such mandatory national standards for the electric vehicle market in China are of great turbulence. In the new national standard for electric bicycle top speed, the length of the saddle, front and center distance data are mandatory, and the mass must not exceed 55 kg, the purpose is to change in recent years some & other; ChaoBiaoChe & throughout; The body more and more long, more and more wide, more and more weight. However, to reduce the weight of the vehicle, can from the ease of battery weight, but it for each battery research and development of electric bicycle brand strength, is undoubtedly a great challenge. It is understood that from July, some battery manufacturers have begun to cut weight, 48 v20ah battery model, for example, a battery from 6. 8 kg to 6. 3 kg, lower battery weight, means use the lead quantity, for environmental protection, also is a good thing, but compared with lithium battery light weight small size and weight is only about 1/5 of the lead-acid battery, by contrast, according to the new national standard of vehicle quality, lithium battery is an advantage. Some time ago, the Internet appeared in our country will be a total ban on electric bicycle use lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries will take the place of lead battery gossip, but was still far short of gossip and official information, it's proved that the news is false news, there is no clear stipulation, but behind the news, we also want to see the lithium battery instead of lead-acid batteries is an inevitable trend. Lithium battery and lead acid battery electric vehicle is the most common source of power, lead-acid battery industry in recent years, a series of reform and renovation, industry reshuffle acceleration, lithium-ion battery industry at the same time, have already begun to eat into the market share of lead-acid batteries. As the environmental pressure increasing and the policy guidance of national policy to the lithium battery, support, and in recent years, the continuous high pressure governance and regulation of the lead battery industry, the lead-acid battery market continued weakness. But popularization, the lithium-ion batteries in electric bicycle industry still faces a huge resistance of traditional lead-acid battery manufacturers. Countries, such as to promote the development of lithium battery, need to make the environmental protection standard of lead-acid battery, weight of more restrictive conditions, an unspecified number of weak of small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises to improve technology and transformation. Lithium battery and lead acid batteries competition is inevitable, many companies are already hungry, layout ahead of time, has been heavily layout of lithium battery. In February 2016, jiangxi feng LiYe and the lion technology successively announcement, respectively formulate increased 1. 5 billion yuan raised improve lithium industry chain and overweight lithium battery production. During the month, and established fire announcement, the company intends to evaluate $5. 2 billion acquisition of walter 100% stake, at the same time, 9. RMB 90 / form a complete set of issuing shares to raise capital of 2. 5 billion yuan. Walter was founded in 2002, is the earliest successful research and development of new energy automobile power battery, lithium iron phosphate the start-up power, energy storage system solutions and take the lead to achieve the scale of production and batch application power lithium batteries. In addition, the victory precision in February, according to the announcement also subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary of suzhou jie force hefei jie the new material co. , LTD. , plans to buy 10 lithium ion battery diaphragm production line and some key equipment, around 9. 300 million yuan. In March 2016, jiangxi feng LiYe announcement, the company and the investment management co. , LTD, suzhou Ann by power supply co. , LTD. Signed a 'term sheet', and its shareholders Xu Yulin company associated with plant investment or its designated in the main body to aggregate on the power supply to Ann in the form of capital increase investment of 200 million yuan, will reach to the field of battery power. This year, day, amd, nunn battery factories in lithium battery plate continued to expand production capacity, it also conforms to the development trend, for the development of lead-acid batteries, is also a hit.
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