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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-15
Automobile starting batteries steady growth in demand, prices fell back. Benefit from the sustained growth in car sales, and ownership base to expand, starter battery demand growth to remain above 10%. Starting batteries are divided into supporting and maintenance of the market, market is given priority to with five line companies, the competitive landscape is stable, but the price is low, weak profitability; Maintenance market is very scattered, in perfect competition, but the price is higher, more than 20% of the gross margin level. Due to the large number of recovery industry production capacity in 2012, before starting batteries fell back to rise in price, considering the demand of stable growth and competition strategy and profitability, giant future first-line brand battery price stability probability is bigger. Communication 4 g construction speed, industry reshuffle has prompted the battery price stabilization. Speed up the construction of communication 4 g started in 2013, over the next 2 years communication investment will have close to double-digit growth, communication batteries will also usher in a higher growth. Communication battery products quality problem prompted industry began to shuffle, battery prices are bottoming out, corporate profitability has now recovered, battery bibcock is expected to be in the future communication so quantity and price. Power battery stable demand, the price war smoke constantly. Electric bicycle slowing demand, lithium electricity gradually replace and day, amd expansion has two oligarchs competition leads to power battery market competition environment deteriorating, the price war shadow lingering. Power battery is about 22% gross margin level at present, although the short-term for the peak season for incremental price, but the price downward pressure after the season is still larger. Lead battery giant into lead battery recycling and regeneration, will become the important direction of the development of the industry. In order to encourage low carbon, clean production, lead battery industry, 'the lead battery industry access conditions' producer responsibility advocate lead battery enterprises implement system, encouraging lead battery production enterprise marketing channel is used to establish recycling system, and, in collaboration with qualified secondary lead enterprise form a complete lead battery production and recycling system.
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