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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-15
The lead battery industry show that the pollution phenomenon, mainly lies in the recycling link, controlled production as long as according to the requirements of environmental protection, the use of internalizing the craft production, some new technologies such as general won't produce pollution phenomenon. China chemical and physical power industry association secretary-general yan-long liu said, 'the lead battery industry access conditions' mentioned in the recovery and regeneration, the process of collecting channel can also be the important problem of lead-acid batteries renewable pollution. At present, the main domestic lead-acid battery collection is some individual enterprises, but most of the ordinary individuals engaged in the collection. Yan-long liu said that the economic interests of the individual to collect more is decided to collect waste batteries to who to deal with, some enterprises may not be legitimate, regeneration of regeneration are not up to standard, but it is still in processing. This enterprise the waste battery collection could do after burn treatment, to reduce costs; Also may bring the accumulator head smashed, throw away the waste acid, lead mud inside, this will cause pollution; In addition, the useful plastics, such as the plate to some illegal factories to deal with, and there is no guarantee the factory's environmental protection measures, like this can cause secondary pollution, therefore, it could be a lead-acid battery another major source of pollution. So, introduced some rules to regulate that can carry out collection channels is necessary. Lead battery recycling is a need to attach importance to the problem, the problem of collecting channel is the key. Yan-long liu thought, could use a third party strength to build a nationwide, standard collection channels. If there is no enterprise has the power to organize a national standard channel, will focus on the specification of the existing in collection team. Some engaged in waste battery recycling companies set up their own network collection, but you need to specification with demonstration enterprise guidance, so yan-long liu urged, lead battery enterprise backbone to reasonable use their own sales channels, such as to old change new forms, such as the sell of lead-acid batteries are collected, after processing. However, if this kind of lead-acid battery was also a dangerous goods, each dealerships need to do some preparation to achieve recovery conditions, can only be engaged in the collection. Yan-long liu said that if we can have some professional collection company to nearby after collection, entrust a qualified local enterprises to deal with is also a kind of feasible way, but the need to explore a way to standardize the collection channels. Abroad is advanced lead-acid battery recycling association and a third party organization, it has strong reference significance to our country. Lead battery recycling needs from the enterprise, personal and relevant organizations to ascend from the consciousness, thus conducive to reasonable recovery environment, efforts to form lead battery recycling way with Chinese characteristics, for the lead battery industry become a key step of environmental protection industry.
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