Lead battery production points from growth - September-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-09-01
When the battery in the dead of winter season, however, Chinese communist lead-acid battery in September 1575. 40000 KVAH, edged up from 5. Still maintained 36 1% year-on-year. The surge of 6%; 1 - September the cumulative output of 1. 2. 8 billion KVAH, year-on-year growth of nearly thirty percent. From this year, China's battery production in June after continue downward trend, the height of the lead battery production in China in June of 1683. 220000 KVAH, 7, 8 month-on-month were slightly lower, a small increase in September. That is consistent with Shanghai non-ferrous nets battery enterprise starts report, lead battery enterprise overall capacity utilization for June 64. 32%, year-on-year declines in March to September starts after 60. 6%. After six months, lead battery production declining mainly affected by two factors: type a, electric bicycle season low drag power lead battery orders. The traditional peak season in summer for electric bicycle, but this year's & other; The peak season & throughout; In June a flash in the pan. Power battery orders from July began to decline, supply exceeds demand pressure, leads to type power lead in the market storage & other; Price & throughout; Even more. First-line brand spread over two, three line brand has been narrowed to $50 / within a group, power battery enterprise common control production, reduce inventory. Second, the Japanese auto production lead to reduce lead battery production. Since July, affected by the diaoyu islands events, Japanese car sales plummeted, according to figures from the China association of automobile manufacturers, Japanese passenger car sales in June 25. 940000 to September 160000, a drop nearly 40%. Japanese production line production, the supporting lead battery demand reduction, affect the output of related businesses. In addition, fixed type enterprise production situation is not optimistic, some companies said because of the decline in exports from the beginning of August production of fixed type lead-acid batteries suffer.
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