Lead battery industry, there are mainly four problems: -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-14
It is small and micro enterprises are numerous, the environmental protection facilities. It is understood that the lead battery industry more than small and micro enterprises for assembly enterprises, technology difficulty and capital threshold is low, production equipment, environmental protection facilities investment insufficient, the occupational health protection system is not sound. Some cottage industry group enterprise certification not neat, product quality is not guaranteed, seriously disrupted the market order, pollution accidents occur frequently. The second is pure commodity plate production enterprise caused great pollution. Simple commodity plate production process must adopt externalization into process, lead discharge of wastewater is internalized into more than ten times. Commodity plate in the process of packaging and circulation, produced a large number of boxes, plastic bags, such as lead waste, not through traditional recycling recycling channels, most enterprises only incineration, cause the spread of the lead pollution. Three is the industry most companies have a relatively low level of technology and equipment. Most small businesses battery production technology and equipment foundation is relatively weak, still use open molten lead pot, open type lead powder machine, open type slab and paste machine and manual, artificial lose powder and externalization into backward equipment and process, cause serious damage to workers' health, pollute the environment. Four is the enterprise management cause environmental pollution. Most enterprises are not administer in accordance with the specification, in order to reduce the production cost, deliberately idle internal environmental and occupational health protection facilities, this may cause environmental pollution, blood lead levels of employees.
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