Lead battery enterprise construction situation - in April-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-15
Recently, the Shanghai nonferrous network 17%. Starts from various types of lead-acid battery enterprises, in addition to the fixed storage class lead battery enterprises starts rising steadily, the rest of the type of battery enterprise starts all have varying degrees of decline. 82%. Power lead battery enterprise April off-season effect is obvious, and the electric off-season effect is more serious than usual this year, orders are not make this type lead battery enterprise work enthusiasm is not high. 08%. And also recently heard some type power lead battery enterprises because order is bad, are in a holiday break. 90%, mainly with fixed storage class lead battery terminal consumption steady development, mobile base station equipment and the stability of railway construction to make the type lead-acid batteries than other types of lead battery enterprise strong demand, capacity utilization is a boost to some extent.
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