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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-08
Lead-acid batteries in addition to the environmental pollution problems caused in the process of production, short service life of lead acid batteries are only 1 year, in electric bicycle's big cities, there are a large number of waste lead acid storage battery, if these discarded batteries mishandled, will cause serious environmental pollution. Lead-acid batteries in addition to use in the field of electric bicycles, is commonly used in automobile industry. Major cities gradually when lead-acid battery electric bicycle was banned after, lead-acid battery only hope is to give the vehicle enterprises provide battery parts supply, as big province of domestic lead-acid battery, zhejiang, guangdong, jiangsu and henan and other places, will be affected by the ban on electric bicycle and market demand. Lead-acid battery capacity cause a large inventory pressure as a veteran of the lead-acid battery enterprise, in order to better under tougher environmental threshold of development, only through the switch to new batteries, such as lithium battery or silicone gel batteries, etc. As a sunset industry lead-acid batteries, although itself has the advantages of economic, stable and reliable, and simple maintenance, but with lithium batteries, lithium iron batteries and silicone gel battery technology mature, large-scale production of cost reduction, lead-acid battery will gradually be replaced.
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