Lead-acid battery use method-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-10
1, do not short circuit batteries. When the battery is negative by external electric contact material implementation, battery short circuit, such as battery will be put in the pocket without packaging for contact with keys or COINS and other metal materials and produce a short circuit. 2, install batteries correctly, make the battery polarity mark ( “ +” And & other - ” ) The tag correct correspondence and electric appliance. If the battery is not correctly by reverse installation, will probably be a short circuit or charging, lead to a rapid rise in the temperature of the battery. 3, do not attempt to recharge the battery. For not charging the battery charging, the battery internal causes of gas and heat. 4, don't forced to discharge the battery. Battery forced discharging, the voltage will be lower than design performance and gas inside the battery. 5, don't heating or welding battery directly. Battery by heating or welding, the heat will cause short circuit inside. 6, do not disassemble the battery. Battery was dismantled or separate, possible contact between the battery components, resulting in a short circuit. 7, do not use the old and new batteries or a mixture of different models, the brand of batteries. When need to replace the battery, should use the same brand, same model, and at the same time lots of new battery to replace all the batteries. When different brands and models of batteries or different between the old and the new battery when used together, because of the different between different battery voltage or capacity, part of the battery will discharge has occurred. 12 v4ah lead-acid battery 8, don't make a battery out of shape. Don't squeeze on battery, puncture, or other forms of damage, these often lead to abuse the battery short-circuit. 9, don't put battery into the fire. Put battery into the fire, heat agglomeration can lead to explosion and personal injury, in addition to the right means of controlled incineration, do not try to burn the battery. 10, don't let the child contact with battery or without adult supervision to replace batteries. Those who might have been swallowing battery should avoid as far as possible let out of the reach of young children, especially those who are able to in the figure shown in feeding the battery gauge. Once the battery is someone feeding, should immediately seek medical help. 11, don't seal or change the battery. Sealed battery or other forms of change, can make the battery safety valve blocked, thus not discharge in time when gas produced inside battery. If it is considered necessary to change the battery, should try to get manufacturer's recommendations. 12, for there is no battery, should be kept in their original packaging, and away from metal material as far as possible, if the packaging has been opened, emissions should be orderly, not chaotic piles. No packaging battery and metal material mix together, may make the battery short-circuit. The best way to avoid this is to use their original packaging to save without batteries. 13, unless it is used in an emergency, to long-term unused battery should be removed from the power device. When a battery or reach satisfactory results can be expected for a long time not to use, it will be retrieved from the device to be useful, although with a protective covering for battery currently on the market or in other ways to control the leakage, but a part or completely run out of battery or will more easily than an unused battery leakage.
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