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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-10
A, lead-acid battery room for lead-acid battery installation area should be far away from heat source and produce sparks, such as transformers, power switch or fuse, safe distance of 0. More than 5 meters. General should keep indoor temperature at 25 ℃ or so. Lead-acid battery should be protected from direct sunlight, installation environment free of organic solvent and corrosive gas. Battery and electrode surface should be clean up at any time, and make rust preventive measures. Exchange generally should establish independent storage battery room. Lead-acid battery should be regularly check the content is as follows: 1. Terminal voltage. 2. Joint without loosening, fever, corrosion, Should be clear in time, completes the antirust measures) ; 3. Lead-acid battery shell with and without leakage and deformation; 4. Around a column, the relief valve if there is acid mist escape ( Frost phenomenon) 。 Second, the first use of sealed lead-acid battery charged before use does not need to early, but should be added to recharge. Supplementary charge should use current limiting constant-voltage charging methods, charging voltage should be stipulated in the specification, under normal circumstances ( Lead-acid storage battery is less than half a year, when the environment temperature 25 ℃) Add charging voltage and charging time is as follows: monomer battery voltage ( (五) Charging time ( H) 2. 2 2 ~ 3 days. 30 ~ 2. 33 v 1 ~ 2 days in other charging time should be adjusted when temperature condition. Such as environmental temperature between 10 ~ 20 ℃, the charging time should be double, such as environmental temperature above 25 ℃ is charging time should be shortened. Three, float charging pressure when the environment temperature is 20 to 29 ℃, lead-acid battery float charging pressure every single cells to 2. 23 v, different temperature range according to the following standards to determine the float charging voltage, ambient temperature, ℃) Float charging pressure ( (五) 2 0 ~ 9. 2910-19. 2620-29. 2330-39. Twenty four, all charge pressure of lead-acid battery charging voltage can be set to 2. 30 ~ 2. 33 v/only, specific requirements are as follows: 1. Float charging pressure more than a lower than 2. 18 v/only, lead-acid battery as released after about 50% capacity, recommended in the manual are filling cases, charging 2 ~ 3 days, if still not resume, please contact us. 2. Sent out more than 20% of the rated capacity, automatic filling; 3. 10 weeks automatic charge; 4. Automatic filling time setting for 15 h. Five, the other one. Lead-acid battery discharge, shall be immediately recharge, lest because aside time is too long, can not restore the capacity. 2. Lead-acid battery should avoid using too large or small discharge current, discharge voltage shall not be lower than lead-acid battery termination voltage, to avoid deep discharge. 3. Do not open the safety valve in the normal use of lead-acid battery, so as not to affect the safety and reliability of the lead-acid battery. 4. Lead-acid batteries in series and parallel connection and loading and unloading, should prevent lead-acid battery short circuit, the tool must be insulated, connecting bolts must be tight. 5. Lead-acid battery capacity is less than 80% of the rating, should be updated. 6. Replace lead-acid battery should be replaced the whole replacement of persons to be the same brand of the same batch products, keep the battery pack uniformity.
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