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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-04
( A) Positive plate ( The positive active material) Are the main components of the plate active substances is lead dioxide. With strong oxidizing, discharging, react with sulfuric acid to generate the lead sulfate, and absorb electrons, there are two types of lead dioxide lattice, one kind is & alpha; — Pb02 another is & beta; — Pb02。 These two kinds of lead dioxide active material difference is very big, they are in the role of the positive plate is not the same. ß — Pb02 & capacity comes from the alpha; — PbO2 1. 5 ~ ~ ~ 3 times. While & alpha; — Pb02 has good mechanical strength, its existence, the positive plate active material is unfavorable to soften loss, only & alpha; — Pb02 and & beta; α — The proportion of PbO2 reaches 0. 8, the lead-acid battery will show the good performance. The positive active material in the condition of discharge, react with sulfuric acid electrolyte generated lead sulfate with water. The equation is as follows: Pb02 + 3 h + + HSO4 + 2 = = e PbSO4 + 2 h2o charging, under the action of outer circuit into & rho; BO2 and discharge - H2SO4, lead dioxide & rho; B4 + accepted the electrons from the cathode formation & rho; B + 2 combined with solution of sulfuric acid root ion generation & rho; bSO4。 When the lead sulfate reaches a certain amount, the sediment become attached on the plate. Lead in charge when the lead sulfate ion electronic was taken outside the lines into a lead dioxide. Will the water hydrogen ions in solution. Oxygen ions combine with lead ions generated lead dioxide into lattice, form the positive active material. Lead-acid battery 12 v7ah ( 2) Negative plate ( The cathode active material) In lead-acid battery, for the cathode active material in order to fully react with the electrolyte, it will lead into porous sponge shape, also known as sponge lead, at the time of discharge, lead to line out the electronic form Pb + 2 combined with solution of sulfuric acid root generated lead sulfate, charging, part of the PbSO4 first dissolve into Pb2 + and SO4. Pb + 2 accept electronic reverted to lead into the cathode active material lattice. ( 3) Sulfuric acid electrolyte is one of the important raw materials for lead-acid battery electrolyte, sulfuric acid on the market generally fall into two kinds: one kind is concentrated sulfuric acid used in industry, the purity is low, not suitable for lead-acid batteries; Another for the analysis of high purity pure, is suitable for lead-acid battery, sulfuric acid molecular weight is 98, sulfuric acid content was 98% in concentrated sulfuric acid is a colorless transparent oily liquid, has a strong water imbibition and corrosive, combined with water, can release a large amount of heat. So in electrolyte preparation process, must pay attention to the protection, in order to avoid a dangerous, preparation, don't add water to sulfuric acid, but adding sulfuric acid slowly to the water. Lead-acid battery electrolyte preparation process, the water demand is higher, the amount of impurities in the water, directly affect the quality of the battery. Lead battery water appearance is colorless, transparent, residue content should be less than 0. 01%. General inspection standard of water resistivity ( Ω 厘米) Or conductivity, relatively simple method is: use the resistivity measurement method: use digital multimeter to gear to 20 m & Omega; , the multimeter two pens and 1 cm apart, measure the resistance of the water resistance in 5 & ndash; — 10 mΩ Can. ( 4) Baffle plate is one of the main component of lead battery, its impact on the quality of the battery, the main functions of the baffle plate is to prevent the battery positive and negative plate short circuit, storage battery, the requirement to the diaphragm is: using porous clapboard, allowing free diffusion and ion migration, electrolyte for a smaller resistance, diaphragm aperture is smaller. Total area of the space is larger, to prevent the loss of the active material to reach the other side of the plate. Therefore, smaller diaphragm aperture, hole number.
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