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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-05
Lead-acid batteries in the usual will appear in the process of using some of the smaller damage, this time, we can take some temporary measures to simple lead-acid battery repair. Conditional can be completely repair! Today is simply introduce a few kinds of lead-acid battery repair for you. Lead-acid battery pile ablation ablation when lead-acid battery pile, elongation at break, break, available plant filament method to repair. First cut damage from the roots of pile flat, in the center of the cross section 5 mm, 15 mm deep holes, screw in m6 & times; 30 the hexagon screws. To do the tin trumpet tube on a pile of pour water heating molten lead, cools remove the fallopian tube. Lead-acid storage battery shell and cover cracks in driving if discovered in time, should first plugging. Will not fall to one side of the battery, dry the electrolyte leakage, digging in the battery cover some of the sealing material, after baking hot bare on the exhaust pipe. If it is a strip type fracture, application hacksaw fill again after sawing v-shaped slot. Available for small crack, adhesive bonding. Local heating method is that the first crack, after being tender with the knife cut into small v groove along the crack, and then the good resin cement into the mend even after stick on the paper, indoors after hardening can be used on its own. Lead-acid battery plate vulcanizing lead-acid battery plate vulcanizing, because the battery discharge or half discharge state for a long time, plate generated on a coarse grain of lead sulfate and cause. If sulfide not serious, can be used to small current charging for a long time, the active material recovery, operation method is as follows: first the battery by 20 h after electric discharge rate, pour out all the electrolyte, rinse with distilled water several times, then inject distilled water to the standard level. With first time charging current of the second stage of the battery, and measuring the electrolyte density at any time, as the density increases to 1. Stop charging when 15 g/cm3. And then pour out all the electrolyte of each single cell again into distilled water, continue to charge. So repeatedly, until the electrolyte density is no longer increasing. Finally a discharge that adequate electricity, will the electrolyte density adjustment to the required value. The devulcanization after charging the battery, the capacity should be restored to more than 80% of the rated capacity. Otherwise, shall be carried out again for several times, discharge processing. Lead-acid battery plate on the active material loss lead-acid battery active substances fall off soon, can continue to use after remove sediment. Lead-acid battery sealing glue lead-acid battery sealing glue bursts, if the crack is small, can heat soldering iron very hot. If the crack is bigger, the electrolyte leakage serious when, should be eradicated, pouring again. To make reliable sealing material and shell, pouring should dip in with cotton caustic scrubbing to acid. Lead-acid battery break if a single circuit of lead-acid battery, sufficiently thick wire across the circuit of the single temporary use. Lead-acid battery plate short circuit in lead-acid battery plate short-circuit the phenomenon caused by sediments at the bottom of the partition of damage or too much more. If diaphragm is damaged, should open the battery, replace the diaphragm. If only a single case of diaphragm is damaged, can separate out the single plate group for repair. If sediment is too much, should be poured out electrolyte, wash clean with distilled water repeatedly before charging.
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