Lead-acid battery recycling

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

  Lead batteries have been widely used in various fields due to their low cost and recyclability. With the continuous expansion of market demand, my country has become the world's largest lead battery market, with more than 2.6 million tons of waste lead batteries produced annually. The market potential of waste lead battery recycling cannot be underestimated because of its large number and continuous growth.

  Spent lead batteries have a high recycling and utilization value. Generally speaking, waste lead batteries contain 74% lead plates, 20% sulfuric acid and 6% plastics (8910, 20.00, 0.22%). 00,022%). As far as my country's current production technology is concerned, the reuse rate of a set of lead batteries can reach 80%, and some enterprises with advanced equipment can even reach 98%. However, due to the lack of a comprehensive waste lead battery recycling system in my country, most waste lead batteries eventually flow into illegal small workshops for simple dismantling. These enterprises are small in scale and basically have no professional equipment. The lead plates of lead batteries are usually removed, the waste acid is dumped directly, the plastic is retained, and the overall utilization rate is very low. This original disassembly method not only caused great pollution to the environment, but also caused great harm to the human body. Experts have proven that untreated acid discharge can cause water and soil pollution. Long-term exposure to high levels of lead in the human body can lead to excessive lead or even lead poisoning, causing damage to the nervous system, and having a great adverse effect on hematopoiesis, kidney, bone and other functions. The state has included used lead batteries in the'National Hazardous Waste List', and in 2012 promulgated the'Lead-acid battery industry access conditions', stipulating battery companies that use backward technology and have a lead content of more than zero. 002% of cadmium should be eliminated by the end of 2013. However, under the temptation of high profits, there will always be some desperate small workshop enterprises.

  Why can't conventional waste lead battery disposal companies be illegal companies? 'There are two reasons. The first is the purchase price. Because the process is simple and cost-free, and due to the investment in equipment and technology, the cost of illegal enterprises is much higher than that of illegal enterprises, and the purchase price cannot be compared with the price of illegal enterprises. Due to price factors, many recyclers or citizens sell waste batteries to illegal companies. Second, the relevant laws are imperfect. Experts believe that although the recycling of used lead batteries has been carried out for many years, there is still a legal lag. The state should formulate more detailed and strict laws to regulate the waste lead battery recycling industry and increase tax support and financial subsidies for formal enterprises. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and management so that laws can be effectively implemented. Contact: 18038382979


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