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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-09
A lead-acid battery is good news constantly, from the high investment of national energy conservation and emissions reduction with battery and a spring, to the late of the lead-acid battery industry access conditions, and on July 1, foot flat for the acceleration of battery run. A hard is indirect stimulation, one is soft promote directly, industry experts said, in this hard under the stimulus of a soft, will lead to monopoly of the lead-acid battery technology. To the problem of monopoly amd battery said, as the industry increasingly specification, the competition between enterprises gradually tend to technological competition, monopoly is the embodiment of the concentration of industry technology. Lifting companies in industrial concentration increase due to the access to enterprise's barriers to entry, many unqualified enterprises will gone out, the number will also be significantly reduced. At present the country aims to around 400, and find out the number of lead-acid battery environmental regulation since last year, there are around 2000, 'access', the quantity will be far less than that. Threshold access standards, which include mainly in four aspects: ( 1) High barriers to entry requirements of existing and future high levels of lead battery enterprise construction and the management of high demand. ( 2) New project examination and approval, improve eia requirements, new capacity is slow; ( 3) Existing project threshold increased, many small and medium-sized enterprises gradually withdraw from the industry. ( 4) The threshold of the high standard requirement of domestic automation equipment research and development speed. Look from the four aspects, are not qualified to environmental protection in the green production technology, low management level is low, the technical innovation ability of enterprises could be eliminated, and technology, will become the decisive factor. Although high barriers to entry out a large number of small businesses, but between a lead battery enterprise competition will intensify, industry of high and new technology is also concentrated in a handful of large enterprises.
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