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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-12
Life problem into a short board on a global scale, scale of lead-acid battery market for $36. 2 billion, 2010 year-on-year growth 8. 6%; Is expected to 2015, the global lead-acid battery overall market size will remain 2% The annual growth rate of 5%. Relative to hydride and lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid battery is still the world's highest share storage device products. The car start market for its main applications, but growth has been slow. Electric bicycle for the fastest growing market, currently about 90% of the domestic electric bicycle use lead-acid batteries. Look from the energy storage battery market, China's main energy storage battery or lead acid battery, lithium electricity, flow batteries mainly at the demonstration stage, the overall market size of 6 billion yuan. Lead-acid batteries in the field of energy storage in 2012 output value reached 5. 3 billion yuan, the other battery is RMB 700 million. Lead-acid battery technology mature, the cost of the lowest in all the chemical energy storage battery. The main problem is that life is short, especially deep discharge time is shorter, the conventional lead-acid battery life of about hundreds of times. Industry concentration degree is expected to improve the lead-acid battery power application market demand is very big, energy storage is an important direction of development. The construction of communication base station will stimulate the demand of the lead-acid battery. Domestic communications industry investment of 360 billion yuan in 2012, with the construction of 4 g networks, investment will continue to grow in the future. Communication is one of the main market of valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, it is mainly used for backup power supply for communication base station and center room and replacement cycle for 3 - In five years, the total purchasing amount of telecommunications investment in fixed assets of 2% to 3%. It is thought that the future field of electric bicycle lithium battery will gradually replace lead-acid batteries. However, due to the lithium battery price is high, the same specifications battery even price lowest price of lithium battery twice in lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries may gradually replace lead-acid batteries in the field of high-end products, and high cost performance will determine lead-acid battery is still the mainstream. At present domestic lead-acid battery company more than 2000, of which the output value of more than 2 billion yuan of enterprise about 10 or so, more than 100 million yuan about 260 enterprises, the concentration degree of the whole industry is very fragmented, far less than the United States, Japan and other countries. As the environmental protection issued by 'about strengthening lead battery and the regenerated lead industry pollution prevention work notice as well as the ministry issued the lead-acid battery industry access conditions, the next three years will be eliminated two-thirds of backward production capacity, lead-acid battery manufacturer will be reduced to no more than 2000, 300, industry concentration is expected to be improved.
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