Lead-acid battery is not past the warranty period scrap factors

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-26
Label: Lead-acid batteries are scrapped before the expiry date. Many consumers think that they are cheating the merchants and buying inferior products. They may even be refurbished batteries. However, they have overlooked one point. If their own use is not standardized, they will be treated with water-added batteries. Excessive charging or discharging is often in the state of water shortage or electrolyte, which will damage the battery extremely seriously, causing the battery to be unusable and lead to scrap. This situation mostly occurs in lead-acid batteries used in automobiles. However, overcharge and overdischarge of maintenance-free batteries can also cause serious damage to the battery. Another situation is that white sulfuric acid crystals are produced on the electrode plate, which makes the effective area of u200bu200bthe electrode plate smaller and smaller, thereby reducing the battery capacity. The main reason for this situation is the 'irreversible vulcanization' phenomenon of the sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery.
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