Lead-acid battery industry was an overhaul - Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-02
Lead-acid battery enterprises shall, first of all, in the process of transformation of industries and enterprises have a objective analysis, find out the basic characteristics of the industry and the real advantage of its own. Small micro enterprises and light is produced with no credit history and fixed assets available for mortgage, it is difficult to get bank loans, is currently China's small and medium-sized enterprise financing channels, bank lending is still one of the main financing channels of China's enterprises. And such companies will need to use in seeking loans guarantees such as agency, making the entire capital access to spin, improve enterprise's financing cost, increased the enterprise's financial risk. Lead-acid batteries due to its advantages of security and stability and high cost performance in the field of secondary battery occupy a higher market share, and is widely used in auto start, power battery and energy storage battery backup and three areas. But in 2011 the outbreak of the & other; Blood lead event & throughout; An upsurge in rectifying the wind make the whole industry. For enterprise investment power battery, I suggest first to have in-depth analysis of power battery industry chain, the real understanding of the basic size of this market, combined with its own resource advantage to selectively into some of the industrial chain link, can't do anything, be sure to do what you are good at field, such as the anode material, membrane, electrolyte, or a battery assembly, lead-acid battery enterprises to do a detailed feasibility study before investment.
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