Lead-acid battery industry is improving for a long time

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
In 2011, lead pollution incidents occurred frequently throughout the country, and the state adopted the most severe measures to comprehensively rectify lead-acid batteries and lead recycling industries. After a nationwide intensive investigation and rectification, a large number of unqualified lead-acid battery companies have been banned, closed or suspended for rectification, and the industry’s pollution control and emission reduction levels have been improved.   This rectification has opened the way for the upgrade of the lead-acid battery industry, but the fundamental problems of the industry—overcapacity and dispersion of power have not been completely resolved, and the industry’s self-adjustment mechanism for the survival of the fittest and the gradual concentration has not yet been established. In 2011, the national lead-acid battery output was 14069 million KVAH, which was far lower than the industry's production capacity.   Judging from the mature experience of developed countries, there are currently only  4″ large battery manufacturers in Europe, and the capacity scale of more than 30″ companies in the United States is equivalent to China’s total capacity. Lead-acid battery production can only solve the problems of high cost and low efficiency of decentralized supervision by raising the threshold of the industry and continuously promoting the concentration of industrial production capacity, and fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers of pollution faced by a large number of small and medium enterprises. The 'Entry Requirements for Lead-acid Battery Industry' will be issued soon. Through strict regulations on production capacity, protective distance, product plate restrictions, technical requirements, and process levels, most of the lead-acid battery industry will be eliminated with low technical levels and backward production processes. , Small and medium-sized enterprises lacking investment in environmental protection and pollution prevention, promote the concentration of industrial production capacity, improve the industry ecology of disorderly production, rely on effective policies and strict supervision to establish a virtuous circle of the industry order, and promote the lead-acid battery industry to a clean and efficient The road to industrial upgrading.
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