Lead-acid battery daily supervision strength will increase -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-07
The environmental protection department to the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprise daily supervision will also increase, the environmental protection departments at the provincial level and the supervision centers should strengthen the daily of lead battery and the regenerated lead enterprise law enforcement supervision, increase the intensity of field inspection, for serious damage to the ecological environment, enterprise that harm people's health, to the quick stiff penalties according to law, and report to investigate. Ministry of environmental protection at the same time issued the lead battery and secondary lead enterprise environmental protection inspection guide ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'guidelines') , guide the relevant work. 'Guide' requirement, each lead battery and regenerative lead enterprises should first conduct self-check, and shall submit to the local environmental protection departments at the provincial level environmental protection inspection application, submit the inspection form and relevant verification material at the same time. Does not meet the environmental protection laws and regulations, not through verification or falsification of enterprise environmental protection, the environmental protection departments at various levels shall not examine and approve the new ( Change, expanding) Construction project environmental impact assessment documents, shall not accept its listed environmental protection inspection application, shall not issue any aspect for its environmental documents, qualified, standard, or to obey the law of lead-acid batteries and regenerative lead enterprises throughout the &; ) Environmental inspections, and issue a lead-acid battery to conform to the requirements of environmental protection and regeneration of lead enterprise list announcement.
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