Lead-acid battery companies will raise the threshold

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
Since my country is a large country producing lead-acid batteries, in recent years, the rapid development and recycling of lead-acid batteries have suffered serious standard problems. Therefore, environmental pollution caused by lead-acid batteries has also attracted much attention.   The 'Lead-acid Battery Technology Policy' requires that the alloys used in the production of lead-acid batteries should adopt cadmium-free and arsenic-free production processes. Eliminate toxic and harmful lead-cadmium alloys and promote the use of environmentally friendly alloys such as lead-calcium. As early as May 2012, the 'Lead Storage Battery Industry Access Conditions' regulations were issued, which clearly stated that the existing production capacity of lead storage batteries and their lead-containing components with a cadmium content higher than 0.002% should be released on December 31, 2013. To be eliminated a few days ago, the lead-acid battery industry will gradually overcome the era of cadmium-free. The 'Lead-acid Battery Technology Policy' proposes that lead-acid battery manufacturers and recycled lead companies that have reached the level of clean production will account for 60% and 70% of the total number of companies respectively; waste lead slag is completely harmlessly disposed of, and recycled lead smelted metals are recycled. The rate is greater than 97%. By 2020, lead-acid battery production and regenerated lead companies that have reached the second-level level of clean production will account for 80% and 85% of the total number of companies respectively.   In addition, the 'Lead-acid Battery Technology Policy' requires that lead-acid batteries have strict requirements for clean production, air pollution prevention, water pollution control, solid waste disposal and comprehensive utilization during the production process. The regulation also encourages the extension of responsibility for lead-acid battery producers, using the company’s own sales channels to establish a waste lead-acid battery recycling system, or entrusting a recycled lead-acid battery company with a hazardous waste business license to recycle used lead-acid batteries. use. The 'Lead-acid Battery Technology Policy' formulated by the environmental protection department this time mainly puts forward strict requirements on the lead-acid battery production and regeneration industry, promotes the industry to raise the environmental access threshold, eliminates enterprises with outdated production capacity, improves the technical level of the industry, and guides risk prevention mechanisms Establishment and improvement.
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