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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-11
Sampling investigation lead battery enterprises operating around the country, the results showed that about 60% of respondents order is good, the product market, mostly large and medium-sized enterprises. The other 40% of the enterprise situation is still relatively difficult. Lead battery capacity rapid expansion over the past year and high business inventories, battery prices are falling, reduced the enterprise profit, especially experienced headed by day, amd type power battery price war, industry reshuffle has a lot of small and medium-sized small and medium-sized enterprise production loss or closure, the industry has been difficult to inventory. But this year the market changed, according to relevant statistics, in January, the day to be able to lead the dynamic type lead-acid batteries, 48 v 12 ampere hour battery price 16 yuan/group, 20 ampere hour battery price of 22 yuan/group. Since then, and remains at the level of prices, a line of 48 v 12 ah battery brand - 346 356 RMB/set; Price is RMB 572 / group of 20 ah. Although this year lead battery enterprises downstream demand is still weak, but with the arrival of sales season expectations, the lead-acid battery enterprise operating performance will gradually improve. As of October 2012, the national has around 253 in lead battery production enterprises. Five ministries and commissions of the views put forward to effectively control lead emissions, lead-acid battery to standardize production, orderly reasonable recovery and recycling. By 2015, the waste lead-acid battery recycling and comprehensive utilization rate of 90% or more, more than 50% of the total lead recycling, promote the national lead resource recycling system. According to the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry related entry requirements, to review of existing enterprises one by one, and announced to the public through review the list of companies. The views put forward the ban on important eco-function areas, lead polluting area and new, in the area of heavy metal pollution prevention and control of key project change and expansion of increase of lead pollutants; New, change in the key area and expansion of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprises should conform to the requirements of the regional lead pollutant total amount control. In terms of policy guidance, five ministries, said the 2012 - In 2015, the central fiscal phase out backward production capacity reward fund for national within the scope of the lead-acid battery enterprise close down backward production facilities support. At the same time continue to use of waste lead acid storage battery in the production of secondary lead enterprises, upon payment of VAT is carried out 50% of the tax preferential policies.
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