Lead-acid battery capacity

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
A sample survey of the operating conditions of lead-acid battery companies in various regions showed that about 60% of the surveyed companies have good orders and smooth product sales, most of which are large and medium-sized companies. Another 40% of the companies are still in a difficult situation. Because of the rapid expansion of lead-acid battery production capacity last year, high corporate inventories, continuous decline in battery prices, corporate profits have shrunk sharply, especially power batteries led by Tianneng and Chaowei After the price war, the reshuffle of the industry caused many small and medium-sized SMEs to suspend production or close down at a loss, and the entire industry also fell into a difficult destocking stage. However, the market has improved this year. According to relevant statistics, in January this year, Tianneng led the price increase of power-type lead-acid batteries. The price of 48V 12Ah battery increased by 16 yuan/group, and the price of 20Ah battery increased by 22 yuan/group. Since then, the price has been maintained at this level, the first-line brand 48V 12AH battery is 346-356 yuan/group; the price of 20AH is 572 yuan/group. Although the demand from downstream lead-acid battery companies is still weak this year, with the expected arrival of the peak sales season, the operating conditions of lead-acid battery companies will gradually improve.   As of October 2012, there were about 253 companies producing lead-acid batteries nationwide.   The above-mentioned opinions of the five ministries and commissions put forward that it is necessary to effectively control the discharge of lead and realize the standardized production, orderly recycling, and reasonable recycling of lead-acid batteries. By 2015, the recycling and comprehensive utilization rate of waste lead-acid batteries will reach more than 90%, and the proportion of lead recycling will exceed 50%, promoting the formation of a national lead resource recycling system.  In accordance with the relevant access requirements of the lead-acid battery and secondary lead industries, the existing companies are reviewed one by one, and the list of companies that have passed the review is announced to the public. The above-mentioned opinions put forward that it is forbidden to new, renovate, or expand projects that increase lead pollutant emissions in important ecological function areas, areas where lead pollution exceeds the standard, and key areas for heavy metal pollution prevention and control; new, renovate, or expand lead-acid batteries and regeneration in non-key areas Lead companies must meet the requirements for total regional lead pollutant discharge control.   In terms of policy guidance, the five ministries and commissions stated that from 2012 to 2015, the central government will eliminate backward production capacity incentive funds to support lead-acid battery companies across the country to eliminate backward production capacity. At the same time, continue to implement the preferential tax policy of 50% of the value-added tax that is collected and refunded for the enterprises that use waste lead-acid batteries to produce recycled lead.
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