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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-09
'Opinions' pointed out that to increase the intensity of backward production capacity out. The lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry as a national key industries, backward production capacity, eliminated immediately open ordinary lead-acid battery capacity, and at the end of 2015 eliminated not through the verification, environmental protection is not in conformity with the requirements of backward production capacity. It is forbidden to transfer to rural and the Midwest backward production capacity. Encourage conditional enterprise merger and reorganization, promote industrial upgrading, improve industrial concentration. 'Opinions' clear, will strictly industry access management and production license. According to the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry related entry requirements, to review of existing enterprises one by one, and announced to the public through review the list of companies. Strict lead-acid battery production license management, application or to issue production licenses to enterprises, shall conform to the environmental protection requirements and industry access conditions; For does not conform to the requirements in accordance with the law to ban closed, should cancel its production license. Foreign trade enterprises to export lead-acid battery should have effective products production license. The study establish secondary lead industry production license management system. 'Opinion' also pointed out that the project examination and approval administration must be strengthened. Strengthen the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead new, change, expansion projects for the record management, banned in important eco-function areas, lead polluting area and new, in the area of heavy metal pollution prevention and control of key project change and expansion of increase of lead pollutants; New, change in the key area and expansion of lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprises should conform to the requirements of the regional lead pollutant total amount control. Construction of lead-acid battery and secondary lead enterprise agglomeration zone shall carry out planning eia, strengthen the park planning control, strictly implement the protection distance requirements. 'Opinions' pointed out that will promote the industry technology progress. Strengthen the dual polarity sealed battery, the battery, bubble graphite battery technology research and development of new type lead-acid batteries, such as promotion of coiling, colloid electrolyte lead-acid battery technology. Using internalized into, no cadmium, intelligent fast curing chamber, vacuum paste, squeeze tube electrode grouting paste and other advanced and mature technology for upgrading existing lead-acid battery production enterprises, in lead-acid battery produced, punching, continuous casting and rolling plate grid manufacturing technology application demonstration. Speeding up waste lead-acid batteries harmless regeneration equipment research and development and application of key technologies. At the same time, must strengthen the environmental protection check and supervision. To carry out the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry environmental protection special verification, and announced to the public by checking the list of companies. Establish and improve the lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprise environmental management files and information management system. Set stricter lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead industry heavy metal pollutant discharge standards. Local environmental protection departments at various levels shall regularly for lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprise to carry on the supervision and monitoring, the surrounding environment of the enterprise to carry out regular monitoring and the excess emissions of enterprise to deadline governance and other measures, in accordance with the law to ensure the discharging standard. For major workplace lead pollution incidents, to seriously pursue the responsibility of relevant personnel in accordance with the law. 'Opinion' is put forward to regulate the behavior of enterprise environment. Lead-acid battery and the regenerated lead enterprises to implement effective environmental management system, building perfect lead smoke and lead dust, acid mist and wastewater collection and treatment facilities, and ensure the stable operation of facilities and standards; Step by step to install lead online monitoring facilities and with the local environmental protection departments, the monthly report daily monitoring. Strictly carry out solid waste classified storage, and disposal of hazardous waste transfer system, such as lead slag, sludge and other hazardous waste shall be in accordance with the provisions, entrust a qualified unit for safe disposal. Contingency plans to develop heavy metal pollution events, and regularly carry out emergency training and drills. Strengthen the worker labor protection, improve the blood lead regular inspection system, improve the workplace environment, safeguard the physical and mental health workers. 'Opinion' regulate the behavior of the recycling. In accordance with the law regulating the behavior of individual traders scrap lead-acid battery recycling, crack down on illegal dismantling and lead smelting method, etc. Improve the hazardous waste management licensing system, encourage enterprises through its retail network organization recycling waste lead acid storage battery, support production enterprises, sales enterprises, professional recycling and secondary lead enterprises to build recycling network. Collection, storage, transportation of waste lead acid storage battery the whole process of regulation. Support scale, standardization of lead recycling demonstration project construction. 'Opinion' is proposed to increase the financial fund support. 2012 - In 2015, the central fiscal phase out backward production capacity reward fund for national within the scope of the lead-acid battery enterprise close down backward production facilities support. Increase the intensity of the central government budget to support clean production, key support conforms to the requirements, emission standard of enterprise use of advanced energy conservation and environmental protection technical transformation of existing production capacity. Also, the implementation of the preferential tax policy. Continue to use of waste lead acid storage battery in the production of secondary lead enterprises, upon payment of VAT is carried out 50% of the tax preferential policies. Further research on perfecting the secondary lead industry incentives, increased taxation support.
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