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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-11
Production pollution haven't solved in recent years, a lot of lead-acid batteries have been applied to electric cars, but in the process of recycling pollution haven't been solved effectively. “ Since 2005, the country has been at least 27 lead battery production and recycling industry related serious collective lead poisoning, including 6 lead poisoning incidents happened in the first half of 2011. ” Beijing global village environmental education center director Zhang Hong said. Among them, a production of motorcycle and electric bicycle battery factory in zhejiang province nearby residents, at least 300 people were found blood lead concentrations exceed bid, seven times higher than normal highest indicators. Found in 2011 in anhui province with lead poisoning incident, more than 100 children were found blood lead levels ( BLL) Overweight. “ Heavy metal pollution in China, the most serious is the lead pollution. ” According to the lead-acid battery production and pollution control technology policy 'drafting group introduction, lead-acid battery and renewable industry the main atmospheric pollutants including lead, acid mist, cadmium, arsenic, antimony and so on. Because most of domestic production enterprises of the production process for half open production, such as improper handling, can cause certain harm to the ecological environment. Study shows that lead can be through the skin, the digestive tract, respiratory tract into the body and a variety of organs affinity, is the main toxic effect, anemia and neurological dysfunction and renal injury of vulnerable people to have children, the elderly, low immunity. “ In some companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises would rather pay blowdown, rather than investment management, reason is very simple, someone pay blowdown and stone, done part can return, but if the investment management, initial investment, annual pollution-control equipment running cost may discharge more than pay. ” The group is introduced, especially some contracting companies and leasing companies, rarely consider the pollution control equipment investment, but at the expense of the environment for their own profit.
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