Lead-acid batteries are the main power batteries in the electric vehicle industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

With the implementation of national standards for more than a year, the main performance of the sales market, lead-acid batteries are still the main power batteries in the electric vehicle industry, and the implementation of national standards has positive significance for the electric vehicle manufacturing industry. Manufacturers have Significant increase in sales, which means that the demand for lead-acid batteries will expand.

Electric vehicles are very popular in my country due to their high quality, low cost, and convenient use. Lithium-powered electric vehicles are 800-1000 yuan higher than lead-acid battery electric vehicles. For electric vehicles with an average price of about 2,000 yuan, this is already a considerable proportion, and it is difficult for consumers to widely accept lithium-powered electric vehicles in the short term.

First of all, the development trend of lead-acid battery technology is perfect, and the technological advantage also determines that lead-acid batteries cannot be replaced!

1. Absolute advantages in performance

Currently, the key to secondary batteries is lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and lithium batteries. Nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries have been replaced by other rechargeable batteries. The most common rechargeable batteries on the market are lead-acid and lithium batteries. Compared with other secondary batteries, lead-acid batteries have the following absolute advantages:

The batteries with the longest industrial production time and the best technology are stable, reliable and acceptable.

Using dilute hydrochloric acid as the electrolyte of lithium batteries is not easy to burn, and rechargeable batteries use superheated steam or bottom pressure.

High working frequency, wide working temperature range, suitable for high-speed charging and discharging of mixed bottle cars.

Floating battery has excellent charging and discharging characteristics, suitable for power supply, new energy technology, energy storage technology, power grid cutting peak charging and other industries;

The high-capacity lithium-ion battery technology is perfect. Thousands of times safe rechargeable batteries can be manufactured, which is convenient for large-scale energy storage technology display.

2. Absolute advantage of cost

Lead-acid battery is the cheapest secondary battery, and the kinetic energy cost is 1/3 of that of lithium battery. In addition, the lead acid in lead-acid batteries is lead and lead chemicals, more than 60% of the total mass of rechargeable batteries, and the cost of recycling is higher, which is more than 30% of the purchase of new rechargeable batteries.

3. Absolute advantages of recycling

In the first half of this year, the National Market Supervision Agency and the National Fine Management Association approved the publication of technical specifications for the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries. The standard requires the collection, storage, transportation and migration of waste lead-acid batteries, solutions and management measures to establish a one-to-one collection and management system to promote the recycling of waste lead-acid batteries.

This standard will not be able to replace the software manufacturer of the procurement system soon, and the market competition in the lead-acid battery manufacturing industry will change in chaos. Examining lithium ion, in addition to price factors, the procurement management system is not sound, the safety factor is not high, and short-term enrichment has also caused the popularity of lithium ion barriers.

Lv Jinlong, CEO of the China Bicycle Research Association, mentioned the development trend of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. He believes that although electric lithium batteries are light in weight, long service life, and expensive, lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles are defective.

At present, the social development of electric vehicles in my country has reached nearly 300 million, and the life of lead-acid batteries per capita each year. Therefore, it can be seen that lead-acid batteries are a huge indoor space sales.

According to the development trend of the lead-acid battery manufacturing industry, international scientific research organizations have also conducted predictive analysis. Flowersullivan's report shows that the average annual growth rate of composite lead-acid batteries is a forecast and analysis of China's lead-acid battery sales from 2017 to 2021, which indicates that the lead-acid battery market still has a certain prospect.

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