Lead-acid batteries and other production projects are kept out of Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-14
Helped by Italy's three-year auction yield for 1 month to the lowest, the euro climbed to a six-week high, while the dollar fell. This has helped the rebound of the metal. Suzhou city government recently issued notice, from this year for lead-acid batteries and other production projects will not be accepted. In the long term, healthy development, favorable lead industry chain but mid-term, depress lead demand. Operation, single lightweight hold more. Notification requirements, since 2013, will further increase the investment in construction in the city of chemical industry, medicine, electricity, machinery manufacturing, Including cars, electroplating, casting, metal) , building materials, metallurgy, light industry, Including toys and leather, shoes, luggage products, wooden furniture, plastic) , circuit boards, electronic products manufacturing, and other key occupational-disease-inductive industry supervision of construction projects; Further rein contact number, the hazards factors control is difficult, alternative construction projects, it is difficult combining industrial transformation and upgrading, and improve the city's construction project occupational health access standards. For lead-acid batteries, pure silica, asbestos or asbestos products, and have direct contact with the operational staff of n-hexane and trichloroethylene, dichloroethane operation technological process for construction projects, request the competent department of investment at all levels in general will not be accepted.
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