Large-scale backup UPS power system construction plan

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-12
This plan is to establish a backup power supply for a hospital to prevent the negative impact of power outages. 1 Data room UPS selection The building data center adopts 120kVA UPS. Configure 1 UPS input cabinet and 1 UPS output cabinet. A set of switches are reserved for input and output for future expansion of UPS to the second rack. According to the requirements of 'Building Electrical Installation Part 7-710: Requirements for Special Devices or Locations, Medical SitesThe specific structure is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Schematic diagram of UPS power supply in data room. UPS adopts modular design structure and is extremely flexible. It can realize N+X redundancy and power supply for modules of N+1, N+2, N+3, N+4, N+5... The system has the highest reliability. At the same time, customers can also increase HIFT's backup redundancy capabilities by ordering additional modules. UPS has the performance advantage of on-demand expansion. It can be configured according to the current load. When the load of the computer room is expanded, the module can be directly hot-plugged. The expansion is flexible and convenient. With a module of 20kVA as a unit, the maximum can be expanded to a redundant power supply system of 480kVA. . This time, according to on-site load requirements, a more economical UPS power supply system redundancy configuration plan is provided. One 120kVA UPS is used, and 6 20kVA modules form a total power of 120kVA, and the module 5+1 parallel redundant system. The output side adopts TN-S power distribution system to ensure that the power supply system is safer and more reliable, and provides better protection. 2 UPS selection for medical system The medical system in the building adopts a large industrial-grade UPS, and each UPS input and output are equipped with a power distribution panel, and space for future expansion is reserved in the panel. UPS comes with an output isolation transformer, which meets the requirements of 'Electrical Installations of Buildings Part 7-710: Requirements for Special Devices or Locations for Medical Sites'. The UPS output screen is equipped with power distribution circuits according to the needs of output points on each floor to provide power supply circuits for the ventilator system, ICU, operating room and nurse stations on each floor. The recommended configuration structure of the system is shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 UPS power supply schematic diagram of medical system UPS is designed for large users, and its main application areas are various data processing systems, telecommunication systems, satellite systems, network systems, medical equipment, emergency escape equipment, monitoring security systems, various Kind of factory equipment. UPS adopts advanced IGBT high frequency switching sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology design, which makes UPS have good power supply quality, high efficiency, low heat loss, low noise, small size and long life. At the same time, the modular design can reduce the average repair time (MTTR), which makes maintenance easier. With the digital design of the microprocessor, the complex analog circuit is simplified and the number of parts is greatly reduced, making the system safer and more reliable. The user-friendly design enables UPS to provide users with high-quality power with strong availability, and is the ideal patron saint of information users. 3 Calculation of lead-acid battery capacity The calculation of lead-acid battery capacity is carried out with reference to the industry standard 'YD/T5040-2005 Communication Power Equipment Installation Engineering Design Code'. The calculation formula is Qu003d (K×T×I )÷{η×[1+α×(1-25)]} Formula (1) where: Q——battery capacity (Ah); K——safety factor, Take 1.25; I——load current (A); T——battery discharge hours (h); η——discharge capacity coefficient; t——the lowest temperature value at the place where the actual battery is discharged. When there is heating equipment in the place, press 15℃ Consider, when there is no heating equipment, consider 5℃; α——battery temperature coefficient (1/℃), when the discharge hour rate is ≥10h, take αu003d0.006; when 1≤discharge hour rate<10h, take αu003d0.008; When the discharge rate is less than 1h, αu003d0.01. Table 1 Lead-acid battery discharge capacity coefficient (η) table Battery discharge hours (h) 0.512346810≥20 discharge end voltage (V) 1.651.701.751.701.751.801.801.801.801.801.801.80≥1.85 discharge capacity system acid-proof battery 0.380.350.300.530.500.400.610.750.790.880.941.001.00 Valve-controlled battery 0.480.450.400.580.550.450.610.850.790.880.941.001.00 The total capacity of the UPS battery should be calculated according to the UPS capacity and using formula (2) to estimate the calculation of the battery Discharge current I, and then calculate the battery capacity according to formula (1). Iu003d(S×0.8)÷(μ×U) Formula (2) where: S——UPS rated capacity (KVA); I——calculated discharge current of battery (A); μ——inverter efficiency ; U——The input voltage (V) of the inverter when the battery is discharged (when the battery cell voltage is 1.85). The calculation results of each system are listed in Table 2. 3.1.13 Standard configuration of emergency shutdown (EPO function) Standard configuration of emergency shutdown button, which can remotely control the UPS. Once an emergency occurs, you can immediately cut off the input, output, battery and other switches, so that the UPS is completely isolated and can be reduced Accidents (especially fires caused by electricity) have further expanded. For example, when a fire occurs in a computer room, firefighters rush to the scene, and the first thing they deal with is generally to turn off the main switch of the power switch. At this time, the UPS just turns to its battery operation mode, and the subsequent loads are still working. 3.1.14 Detailed fault information record The UPS uses a large-capacity memory that can store no less than 500 pieces of information, providing maintenance personnel with first-hand valuable information, quickly solving problems, and providing protection for the power supply of important loads.
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