Jinhua city 14 - the lead battery enterprises elimination-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-17
It is understood that the businesses involved in cement, printing and dyeing, lead-acid batteries and other industries. Jinhua eliminating backward production capacity, this year plan task is: 12 cement enterprises, printing and dyeing enterprises 5, 14 lead battery enterprises, 34 clay brick kiln production enterprises, a total of 65 companies. Cement enterprises will be eliminated 21 grinding machine, printing and dyeing enterprise will eliminate 57 m ( Set) Equipment, 382 sets of lead battery enterprises will be eliminated ( Article sets,) Production equipment and production lines. 4. 48 million kva, closure of clay brick kiln 34 ( Clay brick kiln before dismantling at the end of December) 。 According to introducing, jinhua last year a total of eliminating backward production capacity of 4. 7 million tons of cement, involving cement enterprises 17, 5 clay brick and tile production enterprises, a total of 22 enterprises; Eliminated a total of 50 grinding machine, closure of clay brick kiln five, for jinhua industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the reasonable use of resources energy frees up space. City by letter appoint responsible person said, eliminate backward production capacity is not the same as closure of enterprises, but eliminating the backward part of the enterprise capacity, more enterprises to take this for equipment update, technology promotion, structure adjustment, realize the transformation and upgrading.
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