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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
Since the summer, the temperature rising in zhuhai, the highest reached 30 ℃. Opened a lot of shopping mall, hotel, office building air conditioning, power consumption is becoming more and more high. In contrast, Dan river wetlands office every day power consumption is only 5 degrees or so. Recently, the reporter came to the city's first & other Solar photovoltaic power generation demonstration base & throughout; To visit. Dan river artificial wetland offices located in zezhou golden village north village, in June 2010 formally put into use. Due to reasons such as remoteness, power supply line is not stable, just put into use when frequent blackouts, affect the normal work. In order to improve this problem, in December, the municipal environmental protection bureau for the office building is equipped with 1650 w solar photovoltaic power generation systems. “ The system consists of 20 solar panels and control, inverter, voltage regulator, battery, such as lightning protection components. ” According to a staff member Dan river wetlands, the working principle of the system is under the condition of light during the day, solar panels absorb sunlight for battery charging. Electricity, the battery cabinet provides output power, output power and by changing the control cabinet to convert direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac), either through distribution to each room. In addition, outside the office building landscape lamp, all is solar power. Last year, the Dan river wetlands was named the city's first & other; Solar photovoltaic power generation demonstration base & throughout; 。 50000 KWH & other; The solar energy equipment, the main work is working for us for computers, lighting and other electrical equipment power supply. ” A staff member said that in addition to air conditioning and other large electric power consumption, office building 60% of the electricity equipment is to use electricity from solar energy. Not installed solar energy, building electricity consumption in more than 20 degrees, every day every day now is 5 degrees or so. The reporter understands, this set of solar equipment purchase, installation, such as cost of about 210000 yuan, so high cost will not cause & other; Province electricity, took the money & throughout; The dilemma? 80000 yuan. Electricity is 280000 yuan, 40000 yuan, 20 years. In addition, line maintenance for 5 years, each time 2 to 30000 yuan. Two expenses added up to 20 years to 400000 yuan. 20000 yuan, compared or it's a good deal. From another Angle to analyze, this solar equipment can power saving 15330 degrees, a year is equivalent to save 6 tons of raw coal, reduce 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 20 years down, can save 120 tons of raw coal, reduce 400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions
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