Japan wants to install the world's largest battery -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-20
In the process of new energy development, has very many restricting factors, the development and utilization of new energy to encounter some difficulties, affect the promotion. Current in wind power and solar power, have the same constraints, namely the power status is not stable, easily affected by weather conditions, cause the power supply is insufficient, and may affect the stable operation of power grid. Reported 17 Japanese economy, trade and industry (meti) announced plans in Hokkaido electric power company substation installation, capacity of the world's biggest level of about 60000 KWH of large storage battery. Due to Hokkaido, land price is low concentrated solar power station, the weather conditions cause not stable power supply, power supply can be realized and the storage battery power stability. The government took 20 billion yen from the reserve of 2012 annual budget ( $12. 600 million yuan) In the plan and start to the end of 2014. This year may determine the installation site and cell types. Meti said in substations installed battery first in the world. In Europe and other regions, popularization of renewable energy to each power stations are equipped with battery. It is understood that in substations installed in the uniformly battery can save money, but there are technical difficulties, so there is no precedent. Meti asked Hokkaido electric power company at the end of 2012 to explore countermeasures of solar concentration, but also in order to promote the development of large storage battery, this is dominated by the government introduced the countermeasures.
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