Japan has developed thin-film solar cells, which can be used by sticking an iron to clothes

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
Recently, a joint research team composed of Japan's Institute of Physics and Chemistry and Toray Corporation has developed a new type of thin-film solar cell that can be used only by sticking to clothes with an electric iron. The battery is made of a thin and soft resin surface coated with an organic polymer semiconductor material that can convert solar energy into electric energy. The battery has a thickness of 3 microns and can maintain its performance at a high temperature of 100 degrees. If it is attached to the shoulders of clothes, etc., it can be used as a power source for portable players, etc. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the battery reaches 10%, which is relatively high among organic solar cells. The performance of the previous thin solar cells will be reduced by about 20% after heating, but the newly developed battery will basically not show performance degradation Happening. Kenjiro Fukuda, a researcher at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, said that at present, “smart textiles” with sensors for measuring body temperature and heart rate embedded in fabrics are attracting attention. In order to enable the battery to be used as a power source, it will increase its power generation in the future.
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