Hunan publishing lead battery shutdown notifications - small businesses-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
Hunan miluo city government recently issued 'about comprehensive shut down without notice of small business licenses of retrieving and dismantling waste lead-acid batteries, require no licenses within their respective jurisdictions to perform scrap lead-acid battery [ Colored business opportunities: car battery] Retrieving and dismantling of the units and individuals to stop the illegal practice, active cleared, safe handling of raw materials, demolition of mechanical equipment. Mountain waste market is one of the largest, and the purchase and sale of scrap Mimi Luo Zhongna region market and surrounding areas there are more than 40 household waste lead-acid storage battery of retrieving and dismantling small businesses. Most of these enterprises have neither the industrial and commercial business license, no hazardous waste operating license, in the process of dismantling, waste acid, waste residue and optionally phenomenon is serious, local environmental pollution. To combat the illegal behaviour of environment, miluo city, 6 month to 12 month of retrieving and dismantling the waste lead-acid battery industry. The regulation is divided into inventory examination, unified shut down, enforcement, pollution control four stages. To pressing a 'notice' requirements of production enterprises, led by earthly township government, organizations, environmental protection, industry and commerce, public security departments such as law enforcement personnel on-site shall be forced to shut down and seized the seizure of raw materials, the forced demolition of machinery and equipment, in accordance with the law on the parties in accordance with the rules file for investigation. Alleged environmental pollution crime, the public security department to initiate an investigation, in accordance with the related responsibility shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. At present, the miluo city environmental protection bureau has been sent to more than 20 scrap lead-acid battery recycling and dismantling enterprises issued the notice shall be ordered to stop illegal behavior, to the public security organ to seven suspected of environmental pollution crime cases, more than 10 enterprises take the initiative to stop operation.
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