How to use UPS power supply correctly, matters needing attention and usage environment.

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

 UPS power supply can not only protect electronic equipment in the event of a power outage or circuit failure, but also can generate uninterrupted power generation during a power outage, ensuring the continuation of important work. So how do you use Kehua UPS power supply? In order to prevent accidents when using UPS power supply, how to use UPS power supply correctly and the matters needing attention are introduced below.

1. There are many high-voltage energy storage devices in the host of the UPS power supply. Without permission, please do not unpack and inspect. Operators must be familiar with the basic knowledge of electricians and carefully read the operating procedures.

  2, all connecting cables are not allowed to be disassembled without permission. Contact the supplier or after-sales technical service personnel for operation.

   3. Do not move or disassemble the UPS system at will, do not produce strong cracks and vibrations, and maintain good ventilation.

  4. The UPS system is connected to the battery. Even if the AC power supply is not connected, the output terminal may still have voltage. Remember this.

   5. When the UPS system needs to be moved or rewired, it must be ensured that the UPS is completely shut down and the power input and battery input are disconnected. Otherwise, the output may still be energized, and there is a danger of electric shock.

   6. In order to ensure the personal safety of users, UPS products must have good grounding protection.

  7. Please keep the intake and exhaust holes unobstructed. Poor ventilation at the air inlet and outlet will cause the internal temperature of the UPS system to rise, shorten the service life of machine parts, and affect the life of the whole machine.

   8. Liquid or other foreign objects are not allowed to enter the UPS power cabinet.

   9. When a fire occurs around the UPS system, please use a dry powder fire extinguisher, which may cause electric shock.

   10. As the ambient temperature rises, the life of the UPS battery is shortened. Regular replacement of the battery can ensure the normal operation of the UPS system and maintain sufficient backup power time.

  11. If the UPS is not used for a long time, it must be stored in a dry environment.

   12. When the UPS system is out of service for a long time, it is recommended to connect the UPS system for more than 12 hours to charge the battery every 3 months to avoid battery damage caused by long-term use.

   13. Do not open the UPS battery, the electrolyte will damage the skin and eyes. If you accidentally touch the electrolyte, rinse it with plenty of water and go to the hospital for inspection.

  14. When the UPS system is powered on, do not wipe the dirt with a wet towel.

   15. The UPS battery must be replaced by a professional technician, and the replaced battery must be sent to a special recycling agency for disposal.

UPS power supply environment

  1. The use of UPS power supply should be well ventilated, which is conducive to heat saving, and as much as possible Use in 20 degree air-conditioned places to keep the environment clean.

  2. The output load of the UPS should be clearly marked to prevent overload or short circuit of the UPS due to the increase of irrelevant loads.

  3. For example, do not use inductive loads. Avoid damage to engines, printers, cash registers, fluorescent lights, and air conditioners. In the case of inductive load, a machine with more than three times the inductive load can be selected according to the inductive load.

  4. When the UPS load starts, usually follow the principle of large first, then small, push the mains first, then press the UPS host switch, and finally push the battery switch.

  5. The UPS power supply is heavy and should be placed in a sufficiently sturdy and reliable location; do not run apcups power supply in a place with too much dust, temperature and humidity exceeding the requirements.

   6. Make sure that the ventilation holes before and after the UPS power is disconnected are unblocked.

   Warm reminder: Outdoor UPS meets harsh temperature conditions, humidity conditions, air conditions and other requirements, while meeting outdoor power supply requirements. Correct and reasonable use of UPS power is an important factor to extend the life of the machine and reduce failures

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