How to use the battery correctly in winter

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

  In the cold winter, some car owners report that when they use the car at seven or eight in the morning, they find that the car’s'power supply' is always faulty. If the fire can't be turned on, every time you turn on the key, all the data of the instrument will quickly return to zero, just a little bit of movement.

   Which method is most likely to consume power?

   The circuit of the car itself is complicated, and many car owners are keen to install audio, global positioning system and anti-theft system. If it is installed and used improperly, it is easy to cause the'power outage' of the original car. Industry maintenance experts said that there are three situations that can easily lead to an increase in the power consumption of the original car. First of all, the mileage is insufficient. The mileage of vehicles often exceeds 50 kilometers, which will have a good impact on battery discharge, but currently some office workers only travel about 10 kilometers/20 kilometers, which will also cause unnecessary power consumption. In contrast, vehicles that often travel long distances are not easily'powered off'. Second, the increase in electronic equipment may increase battery power consumption. In particular, improper sound modification and the use of GPS of substandard quality may greatly lose the original vehicle power. Third, car owners often travel, and the vehicle is idle for a few days, and the anti-theft device installed on the car will also increase power consumption.

  How to predict battery power consumption

   As long as they know the basic principles, car owners themselves can also know the car through various signs About to run out of power, so that it can be ready as soon as possible

   Tip 1: Check the lights at night. When driving at night, the car is hung in the gap, or when the automatic car needs to stop under a red light, if the light is significantly dimmed, this means that the battery will not last for a long time. Because the engine idling speed is not enough to provide power for night lighting, it is basically battery-powered. When the battery life is nearing the end, it is difficult to provide enough lighting power, so the light will dim.

   The second trick: get on the car and ignite. When you start the car, if you feel that the fire is obviously insufficient, and the speed of the fire is not as good as before, it means that the power supply is insufficient.

   Tip 3: Turn on the headlights to observe the movement of the engine. This method is more intuitive. As long as the headlights are on, such as white light, the battery is normal; if the lights are red and dark, it means that the power supply is insufficient. Turn on the engine, if the speed is normal, the light is slightly dim, but the brightness is still sufficient, indicating that the battery is good and fully charged; if the engine is powered off and the light is dimmed, it indicates that the battery is over discharged and should be charged immediately; if the engine is turned on, the light is dim , The engine stalls, the battery discharge exceeds the limit, or the battery is severely vulcanized. If the car does not have electricity, the lights will not turn on, the horn will not sound, and the radio of the original car will not turn on. Contact: 18038382979


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