How to use the battery correctly?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

How to use the battery correctly?

Different volume, different performance, different new and old, different manufacturers’ batteries should not be used together.

Insulation tools are used in connection to avoid accidental positive and negative short-circuit failures.

When the battery is connected to the charger or load, the switch is located in the open position, and the positive stage of the battery should be connected to the positive stage of the charger or load.

The screws, anchor bolts, sealing rings and electrode connecting wires used for connection should be loose and well-proportioned, and should be prevented from loosening too tightly.

Charging consists of junior and intermediate charging, all normal charging and balanced charging.

Original cost. The first charge of a new battery is called the original charge. The purpose of the battery is to reduce the specific chemical substances of the electrical level board, increase the water content of the specific chemical substances, and improve the charge and discharge performance of the battery.

General charging standards. A battery that has already been charged and discharged is said to be fully charged.

Fluctuating costs. When the AC power is normal, the battery and the load are processed and connected in parallel, and when the AC power is normal, the AC output power rectifier is communicated to the DC power. When the AC power is terminated, the DC output power of the battery is converted to AC power to ensure the continuity of the power supply system. This type of battery is called fluctuating positive charge.

Equalization charge. When the battery is used, it usually causes unbalanced conditions such as the proportion, volume, and working voltage. The output working voltage of the battery pack is too low and the power is very small. Therefore, the battery pack is charged so that each individual battery is in a sufficient condition in the battery. The whole process of charging is called equalization charging.

When the battery working voltage is low or the battery must be charged after charging and discharging, or the battery volume is not enough, it must be charged evenly. VRLA batteries are generally not recommended for charging, and the charging working voltage is related to the natural ambient temperature. When charging and discharging the battery, it is very deep after charging and discharging. The floating raft charging working voltage and the average charging working voltage should be used to limit the current to avoid safety accidents caused by the charging current.

In the power supply system, the battery has always been reserved for free online, so the battery base is in a long-term heavy medium condition. The selection of the heavy medium charging working voltage is particularly important for the long-term reliable operation of the battery. Important effect. As mentioned earlier, the high fluctuation charging working voltage will cause the battery to gradually lack water and the heat cannot be controlled, while the low fluctuation charging working voltage will make the battery in a long-term low charge condition, which will cause the battery to become hydrochloric acid and cause common battery failures. Choose the appropriate floating load working voltage from 3v-5v/single, and adjust it according to the working temperature of the battery. Because battery manufacturers are different, this main parameter will be somewhat different, and the selection is strictly based on the main parameters presented by the manufacturer. Figure 1 shows the relationship between the operating voltage and temperature of the manufacturer’s battery.

In the battery pack, the batteries are always charged in series. Because the batteries always have individual differences, the working voltage of each battery terminal device is not easy to be strict and consistent. In order to ensure the long-term and safe operation of each battery in the battery pack, it is necessary to ensure that the operating voltage of each battery in the battery is within an appropriate range. In order to overcharge the battery pack, this type of method should be limited to applications, and separate battery charging should be used instead of equalizing charging. The working voltage of equalization charging should be selected strictly according to the requirements of the battery manufacturer.

The amount of charging and discharging current should not be too large, and short-circuit fault charging and discharging should be prevented.

When charging and discharging, the working voltage of the terminal equipment of the battery should not be less than the working voltage of the terminal equipment to avoid excessive charging and discharging of the battery, which will reduce the performance and service life of the battery.

After charging and discharging, it should be charged immediately. The storage battery cannot be powered off for a long time during the whole process of charging and discharging.

The specific volume of the battery is immediately related to the temperature. The lower the temperature, the smaller the specific volume of the battery and the lower the high efficiency of the battery. The temperature characteristics can be seen from the temperature characteristics of the battery manufacturer.

The longer the battery storage time, the smaller the volume of the specific application. The higher the storage temperature, the faster the volume reduction. Therefore, batteries that have not been used for a long time should be charged on time to facilitate the application of batteries and increase their lifespan. The storage characteristics of the battery can be shown by the battery manufacturer.

The storage battery should be stored in a clean, well-ventilated, green warehouse; prevent pyrogens and prevent the sun. The battery should be charged on time. Ups switching power supply should be switched on time when it is not used for a long time.

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