How to tell if the battery needs to be replaced

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Generally speaking, the service life of the car battery is 27 months. Family cars can be used for longer. The new car can be used for 3-4 years. How to judge the battery needs to be replaced?

First, it is voltage measurement. This kind of method is very simple, and the actual effect is the best. Generally, the full-load working voltage is about 13V. If the full-load working voltage is less than 10V during the inspection, it indicates that the battery must be replaced, otherwise the car may not start or fail to start. In addition, there are also many automotive systems that include battery voltage detection, and the marked values u200bu200bare for reference.

Second, look at the appearance. One is to see if there is a bag around the battery, just like the battery bulge on a mobile phone, this means that the service life of the rechargeable battery has already reached its limit and must be replaced. It is also to see if there is milky white or emerald green powder around the bottle body. The appearance of this metal oxide represents a longer service life of the rechargeable battery.

Look at the rated power observation port. The maintenance-free battery can be distinguished according to the power consumption observation port. Green means sufficient power consumption, yellow means a slight loss, and black means that the battery must be replaced.

How to better maintain the battery?

When it comes to maintaining the battery, how should you use the car battery to better maintain the car battery? This travel habit can give you a longer battery cycle.

You cannot listen to songs and play the central air-conditioning after the fire breaks. The battery in the car is a lead-acid battery, although it is not expensive if you install it in a shallow way, but if you often use the battery on an explosion-proof switch, it will cause great damage to the rechargeable battery. Because lead-acid batteries are afraid of carrying out maintenance charging and discharging after a period of application. Therefore, after the fire is stopped, you can’t listen to music or blow on the central air conditioner, which can reasonably increase the number of battery cycles. It is best to charge the battery at any time and maintain full power.

Make sure to drive a certain number of kilometers

Not driving for a week is not harmful to the battery, but if you do not drive for a long time, the power consumption of the rechargeable battery will be automatically consumed until the rechargeable battery is exhausted, making the rechargeable battery long-term In the case of an explosion-proof switch, it is not good for the number of battery cycles. In addition, if you often drive, but only drive 2-3 kilometers, it is also harmful to the number of battery cycles. Because the battery capacity cannot be filled reasonably, the battery pole pieces will be vulcanized if the battery is not fully charged for a long time. , Leading to inevitable harm. If the car is left for a long time, it is best to pull out the negative stage of the rechargeable battery.

There is no need to add too many electrical equipment and household appliances.

Many car buyers remember that there is no need for electricity in the car, and it will be gone if you put it there. Therefore, all kinds of extra household appliances are really like taking the car at home. Electronic dogs, driving recorders, navigation bars, and cigarette lighters are nothing. Some people install inverter power supplies, connect power sockets, car refrigerators, rice cookers and other household appliances, and modify a lot of charging and discharging machinery and equipment. , Causing great harm to rechargeable batteries.

Provide the driving force for all the electronic products of the car. It is a very important part of the car. The service life of the battery is closely related to your travel habit. You only need to pay attention to it in normal applications. In addition, if your battery power and working voltage decrease, you should also fully consider the hazards of temperature. It can be used in summer, but the decrease in temperature in winter will cause certain hazards to the charging and discharging and capacity of rechargeable batteries. Remember to check the battery voltage before winter. , To avoid hazards to travel.

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