How to store the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

How to store batteries is very knowledgeable, and you must not be negligent.

The following suggestions for storage of batteries:

1. Storage points for batteries are suggested to have fixed facades or warehouses (excluding residences), and the storage area should not be less than 25㎡;

2. The battery storage area should have monitoring and alarm equipment, lighting equipment, and fire-fighting equipment. If there are a lot of goods stored, the corresponding warehouse manager should be equipped to inspect the fire safety of the line from time to time, and the working equipment that runs on power should be cut off at night ( Such as: testing instruments, chargers, etc.);

3. It is best to store the battery with a tray, which can be easily loaded and unloaded, reducing battery damage during the loading and unloading process; if there is no tray, the product should be Handle with care, prevent falling, rolling, and heavy pressure; do not carry the packaging bag by hand to prevent hurting hands and feet;

4. The battery must be inspected when receiving or before storage to see if there is any appearance For traces of damage, check whether the battery is wet or raining;

5. Ground requirements (hard floor tiles, cement plane), the ground should be kept clean, tidy and free of debris; it is forbidden to stack items on the battery, especially easy Conductive and corrosive items;

6. The new battery and the battery to be tested should be placed separately, and the after-sales battery to be tested should be placed away from the new battery;

7. The storage environment of the battery must be dry, Clean, well-ventilated, and protective measures such as sun protection and moisture-proof must be taken; storage temperature should be controlled at 5℃~40℃, and effective cooling measures such as fan heat dissipation or air conditioning must be adopted when the storage temperature exceeds 40℃;

8. The storage location should not be exposed to direct sunlight, away from heat sources (heating equipment, etc.), flammable and explosive materials and chemicals. It should be at least 2m away from the heat source;

9. When accumulators are stored in a centralized manner, they should be stacked in stacks. The maximum number of rows in each stack is 5 rows, and no less than 20cm should be left between the stacks. It is easy to dissipate the heat of the battery. The number of layers of the battery should be in accordance with the highest number of layers specified in the carton; it is strictly forbidden to put it upside down or on its side, and it should not be subjected to any mechanical shock or heavy pressure.

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