How to select UPS lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-13
Label: UPS lead-acid battery selection Before using UPS lead-acid battery, the correct model must be selected to ensure that the battery has sufficient discharge capacity to enable communication equipment to operate normally; in addition, selecting a reasonable capacity can avoid choosing too large a capacity. Cause waste. There are two selection methods: 1. Calculation method 2. Curve search method. 1. Calculation method Let's take an example. If a computer room has 4 PCs, a server, and a network switch, it needs 2 hours of power protection. The calculation is as follows: The total load is calculated for 4 PCs 250W X 4 u003d 1000W 1 server 700W X 1 u003d 700W       1 network switch 100W X 1 u003d more than 100W Total: 1800W UPS capacity calculation On-line UPS general power factor is 0.8, 1800W÷0.8u003d2250VA, considering the redundancy of UPS capacity, generally 20% to 30% (because the best working condition of the UPS is 70% to 80% of the load); therefore, the design recommended UPS capacity should be 2250VA X 1.3 u003d 2925VA, which can be drawn to choose a 3000VA UPS. 3) Brand selection aspect Online UPS The more commonly used famous brand in the market is the American Sander UPS power supply, so we recommend using the American Sander 3000VA UPS, model STK C3KS 4) Calculation of battery capacity The American Sander 3000VA model of STK C3KS UPS has a power factor of 0.8 (check data It can be obtained), so the actual power of 3000VA is 3000VA X 0.8 u003d 2400W; the DC voltage of the battery of the American Santak 3000VA model STK C3KS UPS is 96V (can be obtained by checking the information), according to W u003d UXI, so I u003d W ÷ U u003d2400 ÷ 96 u003d 25A, the calculated current is 25A, and a lead-acid battery of 25AH is required for a delay of 1 hour. Now it needs a delay of 2 hours, that is, a lead-acid battery of 50AH is required. Nowadays, the well-known batteries commonly used in the market are UPS lead-acid batteries, and their commonly used capacities are 24AH12V; 38AH12V; 65AH12V; 100AH12V; according to the above calculation, a set of 65AH12V UPS batteries can be used to delay 2 hours. Because the commonly used battery voltage of UPS is 12V and the battery voltage of C3KS UPS is 96V, 8 cells should be needed (96V ÷ 12V u003d 8). Therefore, it can be calculated that the use of American Sander 3000VA UPS, 8 65AH12V UPS batteries, and a battery cabinet can delay the protection of the equipment by 2 hours. Power protection 2. Curve search method Each UPS lead-acid battery model There are corresponding discharge curve diagrams, and the corresponding discharge time and model can be found from the curve diagram.
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