How to replace UPS battery pack

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Label: How to replace the UPS battery pack In order to ensure the normal UPS power supply, the battery pack is generally replaced every three to five years to prevent the UPS from failing to supply power due to battery aging. When we replace the battery pack, we should prepare in advance. Safety is the first. Insulating gloves and multimeters are definitely necessary. After preparation, we can do the following steps: 1. Confirm that the new battery and the original battery voltage, capacity and other related parameters are consistent. 2. Confirm that the UPS is operating normally, and disconnect the air switch of the battery cabinet. 3. Disconnect the battery string connection section by section, disassemble 16 old batteries, install 16 new batteries, and restore the battery string connection section by section according to the series connection method. 4. Measure the battery circuit voltage with a multimeter in the DC voltage range to confirm that the circuit is intact. 5. Use the air switch of the battery cabinet to confirm that the UPS battery alarm is eliminated and normal operation is restored. 6. The work is completed, and the quality acceptance is done.
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