How to repair the cracks of the battery sealing glue? Battery repair method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

How to repair the cracks in the battery sealing glue? Battery repair method

After the battery is used for a long time, the sealing glue will crack. For smaller cracks, you can use a hot iron; when the crack is large, it should be removed and re-poured. The actual casting method is as follows.

(1) Clean the outer layer of the battery. The 1000w iodine front fog lamp is used with heat sealant within 10m of the battery, and the advantages of heat cleaning are used. Use 10-15% natural soda water to clean the place, use residual lithium battery electrolyte, preferably cold water.

(2) In order to prevent the sealing glue from leaking into the rechargeable battery, it is necessary to carefully cover the shell when necessary, and add asbestos rope to the shell.

(3) In order to avoid the formation of bubbles and pores during the pouring process, use a welding machine or a gas stove to heat the pouring point to keep the pouring surface and the asbestos rope dry.

(4) In addition to the following methods, the sealant can be configured as follows. 70% asphalt, 18% heavy vehicle oil, 12% charcoal powder and waste battery powder. After configuration, the asphalt is heated and melted, and mixed with half of the fuel. Heat up and down for 10 minutes, slowly turning into charcoal, spent battery shell powder and remaining fuel, and mixed with the warm edge. Then cook for another hour, you can use it.

(5) The sealing glue must be poured twice evenly, and the aspect ratio should be slightly concave. After pouring, use a welding machine or a gas stove to heat and flatten.

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