How to repair car battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

With the popularity of new energy electric vehicles, more and more people have begun to buy new energy electric vehicles, and a series of electronic devices such as engine ignition, in-car audio and video systems, etc. are inseparable from power sources. Therefore, for electric vehicles The battery is a big consumption. Over time, it will cause some damage to the car. How to repair the car battery?

How to repair car battery

1. Check the battery surface:

Check whether the battery design is intact. Check whether the battery shell is protruding, leaking, disconnected, or the terminal of the battery is corroded. If this happens, the battery has shrunk;

2. Check whether the car battery voltage is normal:

When the battery is charged (after two hours), the working voltage of each battery is checked three times, each time the working voltage of the battery is 20 minutes, if the working voltage of the battery exceeds 15V to 13V, the battery will be very difficult.

After the charge and discharge are completed, use a digital multimeter to measure the working voltage of each battery three times. If the working voltage of the battery is lower than the working voltage of other batteries, less than 10v, and the battery The charging and discharging time is the shortest, and the battery is a difficult battery.

Test the static data working voltage of the storage battery in the box head. When the operating voltage is zero, there are two possibilities: one is that the battery is completely short-circuited, the power circuit is blocked, and the operating voltage is zero; the other is that the battery is too long and the operating voltage is as low as 1-2V or even zero.

Strong current repair:

Strong current repair is a method of repairing the battery with long-term high voltage or high current when charging the battery. First of all, the high-voltage repair method: This method uses the nominal voltage of the rechargeable battery to repair the battery. For example, the 36V battery will not change or turn off the standard when the current is not changed. Choose the 48V charging head to charge the battery. The charging time should be sufficient and not easy to pass. Long, otherwise the rechargeable battery will be heated by air analysis. This method has a certain repair effect on short-circuit faults, and the soft level of the electrode plate is not too high, but misoperation can also cause damage to the charging electrode plate. Second, the high-current repair method: This method is mainly used to repair the battery current is greater than the normal current, such as 20ahah battery using 3-4a charging head battery charging, the advantages and disadvantages of the same high-voltage repair method.

Full charge and discharge repair:

Full charge and discharge repair is a method for battery full charge and discharge repair. The full charge-discharge repair method mainly has a certain repair effect on the less damaged storage battery. In addition, the method can also be reasonable for the deep active material of the storage battery to increase the battery capacity. The key to this method is that the charging and discharging must be sufficient, the charging and discharging must be carried out independently, and the number of charging and discharging can be up to 1 to 2 times, which improves the battery capacity. The full-fill charging and discharging repair method cannot be used frequently, at least half a year, and at most three months of use.

All normal use periods range from 1 to 8 years and are related to the condition of the car. Under all normal circumstances in the recycling of automobile generators, iron that does not have the state of household appliances can be used for more than three years. Car batteries are designed like design, that is, they operate in a highly efficient heating zone. Extreme weather conditions, especially cold temperatures, threaten the life of batteries. The kinetic energy storage battery produced is the result of a chemical change. Ultra-low temperature will increase what it is, and how much kinetic energy must be to cause this chemical change. Therefore, the required kinetic energy storage battery exceeds the initial cost of leaving. This car operates in the same way that the weather eventually reduces your life.

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