How to realize the sealing of valve-regulated lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14
Label: Why turn the valve-regulated lead-acid battery into a closed type? Lead-acid batteries will discharge electrolyte and acid mist under normal floating state, which will cause certain harm to the human body and air pollution. The lead-acid battery is made into a sealed type to prevent toxic gas from evolving. The following introduces the measures to achieve sealing for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries: 1) Choose high-porosity adsorption ultra-fine glass wool separator [(AbsorpitveGlassMet), hereinafter referred to as AGM separator], the porosity is above 93%, which is a composite of oxygen Provide channel 2) Adopt quantitative acid filling, so that after the glass wool separator absorbs the electrolyte, there is still 5-10% of the porosity that is not filled with the electrolyte. Therefore, the valve-regulated lead-acid battery is also called the lean-liquid battery. 3) Excessive negative electrode active materials, the capacity ratio of the positive and negative plates is generally 1:1.1 to 1:1.2, so that after the positive electrode is fully charged, the negative electrode is still not fully charged to prevent hydrogen from depositing in the negative electrode. If a large amount of hydrogen is precipitated Unable to compound. 4) The tight assembly of battery clusters adopts cluster pre-compression technology and presses the assembly between 40-60Kpa to ensure good contact between the AGM separator and the surface of the positive and negative plates, because the electrolyte of the valve-regulated lead-acid battery is mainly Provided by AGM partition. 5) High-purity Pb-Ca-Sn-Al antimony-free grid alloy, because Pb-Ca alloy has a higher hydrogen evolution overpotential than Pb-Sb alloy, which can reduce the possibility of hydrogen evolution due to grid corrosion. 6) Safety valve with stable and reliable opening and closing valve pressure. The standard of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries for communication requires opening valve pressure of 10-35Kpa and closing valve pressure of 3-15Kpa. The opening and closing valve pressures are relatively close, which can reduce gas emissions and water. Loss. 7) Adopting constant voltage and current limiting charging method. Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are more sensitive to overcharging. Overcharging will accelerate current damage. Constant voltage and current limiting charging can prevent overcharging and thermal runaway.
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