How to realize anti-theft alarm and positioning tracking for tower base station batteries Ningbo Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  The management of base station staff in relatively remote areas is relatively weak. The most common situation in these base stations is the theft of base station batteries. Although the base station is equipped with an alarm system, due to geographical location and other constraints, criminals often steal the base station battery before the staff and police officers arrive. In order to solve this problem, we designed an intelligent anti-theft system based on GPS global satellite system and gsm mobile network-battery GPS positioning tracker.

   Battery GPS positioning anti-theft tracker is a built-in battery GPS anti-theft module.

   Compared with the previous battery anti-theft methods, the battery The advantage of the GPS anti-theft device is: after the battery is stolen, it can be fed back to the monitoring platform through the monitoring platform to realize the tracking and recovery of criminals and capture the criminals. This is a variety of anti-theft solutions that batteries could not achieve in the past.

   The base station battery anti-theft gps tracking module is placed in this high-risk base station decoy'gps anti-theft tracking module', and locates the data in the'gps anti-theft tracking module' according to the stolen battery , Find out sales channels and criminals. GPS satellite positioning function: The anti-theft tracking module will be equipped with a GPS module, and the preset monitoring center can query the terminal operation.

   Battery GPS positioning anti-theft tracker has the following characteristics:

   1. Highly concealed: the device is installed in a single battery , No installation traces can be seen from the outside, and criminals cannot damage the anti-theft equipment.

  2. Ultra-low power consumption. The standby power consumption of the device is 15 microamperes. It has no effect on the battery itself.

  3. Easy to install.

  4. Platform concentration'.

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