How to protect and prevent electric vehicle batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

When consumers buy an electric car, they are most concerned about the service life of the battery. However, even the best battery needs to be cherished and protected by the consumer. Winter is coming, and the phenomenon of battery misreturn is increasing, many of which are caused by the following reasons.

1. Man-made over-discharge

Over-discharge can cause serious damage to the battery. The positive electrode plate with serious over-discharge appears red and stiff, and the positive electrode bus also appears red, which will not occur in normal use of electric vehicles Such a situation.

Second, disassemble the battery privately for maintenance.

Due to lack of maintenance knowledge and professional tools, the battery was dismantled privately, resulting in the battery being scrapped. The manufacturer clearly stated that even during the warranty period, such batteries will automatically lose their free service conditions if they are disassembled and maintained privately.

Three, long-term undercharged 'starved' batteries

long Not charging for time will make the battery 'starved

Four, the battery burns.

There are two conditions for burns, one is internal short circuit, and the other is external short circuit or poor contact. Internal short circuit means that the plates are connected. If the plates are seriously connected, the battery cannot be stored. The battery cannot be out of the factory in theory. An external short circuit is a battery whose wire breaks and touches the wire and causes a short circuit and burns out. When the battery is installed or used, the connection wire is loose, and the resistance of poor contact increases, and heat causes the battery to burn out.

Fifth, the external heat source causes the battery shell to deform.

The battery case is made of ABS plastic, which will soften when the temperature exceeds 75℃. The battery shell is baked by an external heat source, and spontaneous swelling will occur due to the internal pressure. In severe cases, only a layer of film remains at the deformed part.

Six. Human-induced battery deformation (battery is charged and swollen).

Regular use of fast charging stations or overcharging will cause the battery to swell and deform. Frequent use of chargers that are not compatible with electric vehicles or overcharging will cause the battery to swell and deform.

Seven, the collision causes the battery to be damaged.

Battery breakage is generally caused by internal connections broken or poor contact. Generally, the breakage caused by manufacturing reasons will have a false voltage, and there will be no 0V voltage phenomenon.

Eight, the battery is flooded.

If water enters the battery, it will cause the battery pole to corrode. If the positive and negative poles of the battery enter the water, the water will be electrolyzed. The pole will generate green copper under the action of electrolysis. This situation is man-made damage.


1. When the battery power is not enough, do not use the recovered power to continue using;

2, the battery is long When the time is not in use, do not lose electricity for storage.

3. Clarify the three-guarantee period. If there is any problem, go to the battery after-sales service outlets for professional testing.

4. When the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, especially in winter, the battery should be charged normally once a month, and it is strictly forbidden to store it for a long period of time.

5. Use the national standard cable that matches the battery;

6. After the installation, check whether the cable is connected firmly, and check it every three months.

7. Check whether the line is aging every six months.

8. Keep away from heat sources.

9. Use a qualified charger that matches the battery (it is recommended to use a charger with time control and temperature compensation);

10. Avoid long periods (more than 12h) Do not unplug the charger when charging, especially in high temperature environments;

11. It is strictly forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles directly when installing the battery;

12. The battery installation must be firm and regularly checked 、Be careful when riding on bumpy roads or over speed bumps.

13. Try to avoid electric vehicles wading.

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